He hits you (part 2)

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It has been 2 weeks and you finally got the courage to talk to Taylor you have been staying at Matt's house and Matt has helped you everyday since Taylor hit you Matt was sort of like a brother to you he was protective not overprotective but he made sure you were safe
You've been getting messages from Taylor and one day it just stopped which sort of got you worried because he stopped when the 1st week pasted so you kind of got worried you also have been getting text messages from the boys saying to go to the hospital and other stuff but you ignored it thinking it was one of the other boys that got a sprained ankle or they were just pranking you so you shrugged it off
Matt also has been going to the hospital but never told you who was at the hospital because he thought you wouldn't care
So you were on your way to Taylor's house and once you got there you knocked on the door for someone to answer you knocked again and you heard the door open you were surprised to find his mom answer and Taylor so when she opened it you looked at her face to see her eyes bloodshot red and her hair a mess and dark circles under her eyes like she hasn't slept in a week you asked what's wrong and she started to cry harder hen she answered "Taylor" "what do you mean what about Taylor is he here?" "No he's isn't here" "then where is he?" "He's in the hospital" "what?" "Yeah he's in the hospital didn't any of the boys tell you?" That's when you realized that all those texts that the boys have sent you to go to the hospital and why Taylor stopped texting you was because he was in the hospital
"Yea the boys texted me telling me to go to the hospital but I ignored them thinking it was one of their pranks" you said starting to cry because you weren't there when Taylor needed you the most and you promised him whatever happens you'll always be there for him no matter what but you broke the promise "I also made a promise to Taylor that I would always be there for him no matter what but i broke the promise" you said crying harder
"Awe sweets it's okay everyone makes mistakes why don't we got to the hospital and go see Taylor yeah?" "Yeah ok". You said still crying because you keep thinking this was your fault that he's in the hospital.

Part 3 ?

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