I'll See You Soon (Shawn Mendes)

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Shawn's Pov
Y/n and I are at the mall and we were just ready to start leaving.
As we were crossing the street.
I had remembered i forgot something inside so i turned back around and i told y/n i'd be back and to wait for me in the car just as she was about to step on the sidewalk. A car had crashed into her and i couldn't move it felt like my whole world had came crashing down and i had no existence in life.
So i did the first thing that came to mind i screamed "Y/N!!!!" as i ran towards her pushing anyone in the way. I sat right next to her while trying to get the car off her "CALL 911, ARE YOU PEOPLE STUPID?!?!"i shouted "shawn" i heard the most angelic voice speak i looked down at her with tears blocking my vision and streaming down my cheeks as my world laid in pain right before my eyes.
"s-shawn y-you know i love you with all my heart r-right" she said as i nodded my head not able to speak. "Whatever happens to me, don't make yourself feel like its your fault because it not. I want you to find someone who will treat you better than i ever could have, love her, care for her, respect her, do all you can to keep her forever even just for the littlest amount of time. I love you shawn i always will and now i want you to love that special someone as much as i love you." she said "I love you too y/n always will" i said in between sobs
She smiled at me and i held onto her till her last breath. The paramedics finally had arrived 5 minutes right after her last breath. I felt paralyzed i just sat there with her in my arms, the paramedics tried to take my love away from me, but i couldnt let them knowing i wouldnt be able to see her or touch her until my day soon comes. I screamed and yelled clenching onto y/n tighter so no one could take her away even if she had already been taken away from this life. Until finally they managed to free me away from her as i kicked and screamed saying "NO!!!" "YOU CANT TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME" "LET ME GO!" "LET ME ALEAST HOLD HER ONCE MORE BEFORE I NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO DO IT AGAIN PLEASE!!!" they let me stay with her on the way to the hospital.
I waited and waited and waited until they told me she was officially gone. I couldnt handle my emotions once i had gotten home i threw everything around my room i had broken cologne bottles, picture frames, mirrors, ripped my clothes and threw them in the fireplace and watched as they burned to ashes, i threw my chair at the wall, ripped my bed, broke my window, punched the walls leaving holes in them, i screamed and shouted and yelled and cried as my little sister held onto me so i wouldn't hurt myself as my parents laid with me keeping me safe from any way objects that i could hurt myself with.
The day of her funeral was the day i had nothing but pain, guilt, sadness, hunger, and love.
Pain for when it felt as my world had been taken away from me and smashed to the ground in pieces.
Guilt for how i could have stayed with her and left what i had forgotten in the mall.
Sadness for when it felt like my heart was getting torn from my chest and my cries where louder than ever and how i missed everything about y/n.
Hunger for the nights i laid in my bed refusing to eat till i saw her again.
Love for when my family held me till i slept peacefully, for the I Love You's y/n and I shared, and for y/n's happiness.
I watched as they buried my girl, my everything, my universe into the ground as i cherished every single moment i spent with her.

Because I know Y/n that I'll See You Soon.

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