Thank you! (please read)

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Before you get scared or whatever, I am NOT going to stop writing this book or deleting it! just to make that clear. I wanted to thank you guys for 51.4k reads AHHH!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are amazing and i love you. When i first started writing this book (note this is the first ever book i've published) i did not think i would get this many reads because of how bad i sucked at writing these preferences and imagines haha and it just amazes me that you guys actually read my book, yes i have written other books so you guys can go and check those out if you want.

Besides that i want you guys to comment on what types of imagines/preferences you guys would like for me to write it could be sad, happy, smut,etc. your choice and i will try my best to write them! and im sorry for hardly updating i have no excuse for it and i want to make it up to you guys!

  Thank You!

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