Hoseok - Hot Chocolate Pt. 2

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"Another date?" Namjoon queries as he leans against the door frame.

You button up your jacket and give yourself a quick once-over. Every hair is in place, your clothes are dust free, and you look absolutely cute in your cozy winter clothes.

"It's not a date," you insist.

Namjoon gives you a skeptical glance. "You two go out almost every day. Unless I've done poor research on dating, I'm sure those are dates."

You position your shoulder bag. Namjoon waits for a response.

"We're just two friends that go out occasionally," you explain. "Nothing more."

Namjoon huffs in disagreement but doesn't voice his opinion. Instead, he strolls out of your room.

It had been almost a month since you landed in Korea. Every day, Namjoon would pester you about spending time with Hoseok more than him despite the fact that you were temporarily living with him. He continues to assume that you and Hoseok are dating, but, no matter how much you wish it were true, it wasn't. Hoseok hadn't made any major move yet, and you were too afraid to make one.

"He's here!" Namjoon yells from the living room.

You take a deep breath and count slowly as you let it out. It's just Hoseok.

"Hey, Naiya," Hoseok greets when you come out of your room.

"Hey," you respond awkwardly. It's kind of hard talking to the guy that you were just rambling about in your head. "So, how's it going?"

Namjoon butts in, "This sounds like one of those dry text conversations."

Hoseok and I laugh uncomfortably. The room goes silent for a few moments. You decide to break the silence.

"I forgot something," you announce. "Be right back."

You rush back into your room. The stuffed wolf on your bed helps you relax your nerves. You prance over to the bed, give the wolf a quick hug, and return it to its place. When you walk back into the living room, you feel less nervous.

"Okay," you state. "Let's go."

Hoseok nods and opens the door for you. You thank him then proceed down the short number of steps. His Lamborghini is parked right in front of Namjoon's less glamourous car. As always, Hoseok opens the door for you. You smile in return and slide in. Once in the driver's seat, Hoseok turns the radio on. A slow ballad piece that you don't recognize is playing. You rock from side to side with the rhythm of the song.

Your smile returns to your face when you see the familiar café come into view. Hoseok slows the car down and pulls into the parking space right in front. He opens your door and the two of you head into the café.

"I don't think I've ever seen this many people in here before," Hoseok notes.

You scan the café and quietly agree with Hoseok. Usually when you and Hoseok come here, there are about three or four people here, but today it was packed.

"Maybe I should just wait in the car," you suggest, feeling a little claustrophobic.

"I'll order the hot chocolates to go," he tells you before handing you the keys. "I wasn't planning on staying here today anyway."

You nod your head before hurrying back to the car. After waiting for about five minutes, you see a couple of people staring at the car. Most of them are young kids that are fascinated by it. You chuckle a little as you hear one shout for another to pull out their phone. Three kids position themselves near the passenger side. They settle on different poses. The one with the phone counts down. Before he can get to "one" you roll the window down slightly and yell "boo!" The kids jump just as the flash goes off. The one with the camera laughs at his picture and gives you a thumbs up.

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