Jungkook - Hickey

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WARNING: Semi smut included in this story with some bad language/cuss words. You have been warned, readers. Innocent angels, leave please.

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You're over at your boyfriend's house today to have a "sleepover" or at least that's what Jungkook said but you knew he meant it another way. Puberty hit him way too hard and you knew he couldn't control his hormones, so what could you do? Not like you would deny him anyways. Who would?

When you entered his shared apartment with Jimin, he peppers your face with kisses before announcing that he was going to the bathroom to take a shower. You giggle and tell him okay as you put your stuff down and plop down on the sofa looking around. This place hasn't changed one bit but at least it's cleaner. You smile slightly.

"Hey Katie." You turn your head to the familiar voice and there is Jimin standing in the doorway with a smirk plastered on his face.

"Hey, Jimin. Long time no see." You say casually and wave a hand at him.

"Long time no see indeed." He walks over slowly and sits down way too close to you. He is wearing a loose white tank top that sticks to his chest. There's a light layer of sweat on his body probably because he was dancing a few minutes ago. You shift uncomfortably and glance at him.

"Sooo, how have you been?" You say awkwardly and clear your throat. He shifts and you can feel his eyes staring into your soul.

Okay, maybe not your soul, maybe your chest.

I feel so violated right now.

"Oh just dancing, minding my own business, studying, and of course missing you. Nothing new." He says and shrugs with a wink like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh...I can tell you were dancing. You reek of sweat." You nod slowly.

"Right. Anyways, you're sleeping over today?" Jimin questions, totally ignoring your statement. He bends his arm, purposely flexing it and resting it on his head.

"Yup." You nod again. What is this tension between us?

"Where are you sleeping? You should sleep in my room! We can share the bed." He suggests, lowering his voice at the end of the sentence.

You blink. What is this boy up to? "Actually, I'm sleeping in Jungkook's room." You let out a dead chuckle.

He raises a brow as he leans in closer to you and licks his lips, "But you can always sneak into my room." You are caught off by his devilish smirk until you jump from hearing your boyfriend's voice.

"Yeah, but like hell that's happening." You mentally breathe a sigh of relief while Jimin retreats and sends his best friend a glare, which Jungkook returns.

"Get away from my girlfriend and stay in your own fucking lane before I make your face as bloated as your big ass." Jungkook snaps, which made you flinch but you kinda liked it. No, scratch that, it was a freaking turn on.

"Damn, Jungkook. I'll just leave anyways since it looks like you two are gonna fuck tonight." Jimin rolls his eyes and grabs his leather jacket that was placed on the other couch.

"See you, Katie." He sends you a parting wink and turns to give a your boyfriend a boring gaze. "And bye disrespectful, horny ass kid." He slams the door and you sit there dumbfounded.

"You okay, babe?" Jungkook sits where in the space that Jimin previously occupied and pulls you onto his lap. You take notice of his gaze and soft tone and it just melts your heart.

"Yeah.. I'm fine." You whisper. After a few seconds of staring at each other, your lips connect with his. It was sweet and passionate at first but that made a 180 turn as it quickly turns rough and heated.

"Finally.." You hear him breathe out a sigh of relief into your mouth. You smirk into the kiss as your shift you body so that your legs are on either side of Jungkook's body. You wrap your arms around him and, in return, he wraps his around your waist safely but tightly.

You know he just took a shower and damn did he smell good.

He breaks the kiss only to target your neck. You swallow hard as he bites your collarbone roughly.

"Gotta show them who's mine and mine only." You hear him mumble against your collarbone.

He retraces his bite marks with his tongue and you let out a breathy moan, the words "I'm yours" following after.

He chuckles deeply and makes his way up to your lips again, connecting it roughly before pulling away again. You stare into his lustful eyes and stick out your bottom lip.

He licks his lip and cups your ass from behind, pulling you up.

"We're taking this to my room." He whispers and secures his grip on your behind.

You rest your arms on his shoulders as your hands tangle themselves in his slights wet hair. As he leads you to his room, you leave hickeys of your own along his neck. He groans in response, picking up his pace. The door to his bedroom closes, leaving the two of you in the dark.


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