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You adjust the headphones comfortably on your head. It is 4 in the evening and you are working on a song for the famous group Bangtan Boys. The members had asked you to look it over. You don't really see why it needs work, but you don't question it. Plus, you are still getting paid.

Namjoon's rap begins and you smile unintentionally. He just had that effect on you, even though you were pretty sure that he doesn't feel the same way. The screen on your phone lights up. You quickly look at the screen and see a message from an unfamiliar number. You pause the song and remove the headphones to read the message.

You're just like a butterfly

From afar, I steal glances

You immediately recognize the lyrics from Butterfly. Before you have the chance to reply, another message pops up. The lyrics are from Miss Right this time.

You're someone who only exists in the movies

How can a person be like this?

A blush creeps across your cheeks. Seconds later, you receive another message.

Your front is the best; your back is the best

From your head to your toes, you're the best

You smile a little at the lyrics from the group's song. It was cute.

You're a cutie and I am pitiful

I hope there will be a miracle of you loving me more than I love you

The last line takes you by surprise. You quickly type "who is this" before they have a chance to send another text. The words "Your Secret Admirer" brings a smile to your face. You never had a secret admirer before, so you have no idea who it could be.

The door to the studio opens and you turn your head to the person entering.

"Hey, China," Jin says suspiciously. "Someone told me to give this to you."

He hands you a typed note and leaves before you can thank him. You read it to yourself:

If you're interested in finding out who I am, come to the dance studio in 5 minutes.

You admit that you are curious. Who would go through all this trouble just to get your attention? You are flattered. After putting everything back to the way it was, you grab your phone and head to the dance studio.

Along the way, you can't help but feel nervous. What if this was all a joke? You shake your head to clear your mind from such negative thoughts and determinedly walk the rest of the way to the dance studio.

When you arrive, J-Hope and Jungkook are waiting by the door. You greet them quickly, eager to meet your mystery man, but they stop you from going in. Jungkook hands you another note and the two of them hurry away.

Ice cream sounds good right about now, don't you think. There's another clue waiting for you at the ice cream shop across the street.

You smile widely, enjoying the scavenger hunt for your secret admirer. Whoever it was definitely knew how to have fun.

At the ice cream shop, you look around eagerly. There are a few people there, but you don't recognize anyone.

"China?" You turn toward the cashier. "This is for you."

"Thank you," you respond, taking the rose from him. A quick glance at the tag informs you that it came from the garden of the park you normally go to with the boys.

As you leave, you hear the cashier say "His description was quite accurate. You do have the cutest face."

The walk to the park was short. You can't contain your excitement as you practically skip down the path to the garden. V and Jimin are waiting by the entrance.

"Roses come in singles, violets come in twos," they sang in unison. "This poem is bad, but we're wearing matching shoes."

You laugh out loud at the silly expressions on their faces. "Where to next?" You ask.

Jimin points to a spot near the small pond. You can make out what looks like a picnic setup. You thank them both and speed walk to your destination. Suga meets you halfway, an angry expression on his face.

"For you," he grumbles. He places a flower crown on your head and walks away.

The realization that this is the moment you get to meet your secret admirer dawns on you. As you get closer to the blanket, your heart rate speeds up. You feel your palms begin to sweat as you look back on the clues. The only member you hadn't seen today was Namjoon.

At the same time you reach the picnic area, Namjoon steps out from behind a tree. He gives you one of his breathtaking smiles. You examine his outfit and suddenly feel self-conscious. He was wearing a white dress shirt, black pants and red converses that were identical to yours. You look down at your simple t-shirt and jeans and feel underdressed.

"Don't worry, China" Namjoon says, taking your hand in his. "You always look beautiful."

You smile and allow him to pull you down onto the blanket. "This must have taken you forever."

"Do you like it?" He asks hopefully.

You nod your head. "I love it."

"Then it was worth it."

From the picnic basket, Namjoon pulls out a plate of kimbap and some drinks. He places a drink next to you before lifting the kimbap to your mouth. You blush, but open your mouth anyway. It's delicious.

"Did you make this?" you ask. He nods cutely. "It's soo good."

"Really?" He looks surprised. You nod and give him a smile.

After a moment of silence, you speak. "Using the lyrics from your group's songs was kind of cheesy."

He laughs. "But you liked it."

"I can't argue with you there."

"Can I use one more lyric?" he questions.


He looks you straight in the eyes and says "Would you please stay with me?"

You laugh loudly and hit his arm softly. "Of course I will."

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