Seokjin - Attention Pt. 2

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for Nanii_the_Panda


Over the past few weeks, you've started working at a fashion company as the CEO's secretary. You hadn't been to the dorms at all this week because work has required most of your attention. Come to think of it, you've only been to the dorms twice this entire month. But you were tired of asking your parents for money and needed the job.

"Nayona, in my office. Now." Your boss' voice booms through the small intercom on your desk. You roll your eyes and head to his office.

Just outside his office, you straighten your skirt. After taking a deep breath, you enter. You find Mr. Park staring out of the window, looking down on the streets as he usually does.

"Do you know why I called for you?" He questions.

You try to think of something you did wrong. "No, sir."

He spins around quickly, catching you by surprise. The sudden action makes you step back.

"There is a man outside that has been asking for you," he explains. "Now, this wouldn't have been such a huge deal if he wasn't scaring the customers away. Do you have any idea who he is?"

"Must be a stalker," you sigh. "I'll go check it out right now, sir."

Mr. Park gives an abrupt nod and turns back toward the window. You leave the room quietly, making sure that the door doesn't slam. On your way down the hall, you receive disapproving shakes of the head from your coworkers. You walk out of the front door repeating one thing in your head.

Please don't be Jin. Please don't be Jin. Please don't be

"Um, hi," Jin greets sheepishly. You can barely see his head over the two giant security guards at the bottom of the stairs.

The rain forces you to shield your eyes. "He's with me, guys." You pat one of the guards on the back. Your hand leave a little imprint on the man's soaked shirt.

"This one's always causing trouble," one guard says. "We couldn't keep him out this time."

You give him a grateful smile. "Thanks for trying." You glance at Jin. "He must have found some way to slip in."

Jin grins. He steps through the guards and throws an arm over your shoulders. "Let's go inside. It's cold."

"Keep a leash on that one," the second guard calls. You give him a thumbs up.

Inside the building, the heat hits you like a bus. You rub your hands together as you release yourself from Jin's hold and turn to him. He removes his hat and sunglasses.

"Are you crazy?" You whisper angrily.

"Crazy in love," Jin winks. He's shivering, but you're too angry to pay much attention to that.

You close your eyes and massage your temples."Seriously?"

"Sorry," he mumbles. "You're just always working."

"So you thought it would be okay to show up and jeopardize my job?!" You lower your voice because people begin to stare. "You need to leave."

"C'mon," Jin pokes out his bottom lip. You try to restrain yourself from smacking that stupid look off of his face. "Let me stay until the end of your shift."

"You check the time on your watch. "But I get off in two hours."

"Nayona." Someone calls from down the hall. You focus your attention on the small woman running your way. "Mr. Park wants to see you." She pants. "He sounds angry."

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