Yoongi - Savior

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You adjust your backpack and lower your gaze toward the ground. Despite the incredibly hot weather you chose to wear an oversized hoodie and jeans. You stare into the mirror and try to put on your best smile. It looks a little forced so you think about the day ahead of you. Your body begins to relax and it becomes easier to smile as soon as your mind drifts to Yoongi.

You quietly slip out of your house and walk down a few blocks to Yoongi's house. He's waiting on his steps twirling his keys in his hand. When he notices you, he nods his head and stands. The two of you head over to his car.

"Again?" He asks solemnly.

You sigh. "It's nothing," you respond, just like every other time.

He clenches his jaw, but doesn't say anything else. You wonder how he can pick up on your moods so quickly even when you were pretty sure that no one else would be able to.

The ride to school is silent. You want to make conversation but you know where it will end up. Yoongi pulls into the parking lot. He gets out of the car and slams it angrily. When you finally get out, he's already walking to the school. You run to catch up with him.

"Yoongi," you call. He doesn't answer. "Slow down."

"China," you hear someone call lazily from behind you.

At the sound of the voice, both you and Yoongi stop walking. Yoongi turns around to glare at the person behind you. You give him a warning look and shake your head slightly.

An arm finds its way around your shoulders. The feeling makes you cringe.

"No good morning?" He asks. "That's kinda rude."

"Morning, Josh," you mumble.

"What did I tell you about hanging out with this guy?" Josh nudges his head toward Yoongi.

"I was just leaving," Yoongi responds. He turns away from you and Josh and walks toward the school.

You try to follow after him, but Josh catches your shoulder. He squeezes hard and you wince.

"How about we skip today?" He suggests. "We could go back to my house." He winks.

"No, thanks." You give him a tight smile. "I have an important English test. Can't miss it," you lie.

"Just this once," he pleads. "You can make up the test later."

You try to come up with a quick response. "I'm failing the class and this is the only chance I have to pull my grade up."

Josh grabs your hand roughly. He pulls you toward the school's door. A few students wave to him and you put your head down.

"What's up with you?" He asks once you reach your locker. When you don't reply, he locks his hand around your arm. "Answer me." His voice lowers.

"I-I don't feel well," you stammer. The pain in your arm intensifies since there's already a bruise in the same place that Josh is grabbing. "My arm."

"Sorry," he apologizes.

Josh strokes your hair softly. You let out a few deep breaths. His lips press against the top of your head. When you look up, you see the person he used to be. You remember the reason you began liking him. What changed?

From the corner of your eye, you see Yoongi watching you. You have the urge to push Josh away from you, but you know how that will end. Yoongi gives you a disapproving shake of the head and walks away. Thankfully, the first warning bell rings.

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