Jimin - Your Hero, My Destiny

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You were up at dawn, going for your usual morning jog. It was refreshing and cool out at that time and you just wanted to enjoy the nice weather before it suddenly got cold in the afternoon.

You are caught off guard and don't notice the body coming out of the dance studio near where you are jogging and stumble into him. Just bumping into his body made you realize how fit he is. It was basically why you almost fell down. He was like a wall.

"Oh my gosh," you whisper and nearly jump when you feel strong hands wrap around your torso. You look up at the guy. You hadn't notice how attractive he is until now.

"Woah, woah. You're lucky I have fast reflexes due to my dancing skills or you would've broken a bone." He says with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, thank you, Superman." You joke and scoff. You push his arm away from your torso and brush your clothes off. How cocky, you think.

"Aw, did you just call me your hero? I'm so honored." He mocks with a stupid grin. You stare at him weirdly and notice how cute his eyesmile is.

"Whatever you say, but I gotta go," you say as you wave at him before jogging again. The guy seems to be stubborn though, and jogs with you.

"Soo, what's your name?" He attempts to make conversation.

You don't know how to respond so you just give in. "Destiny."

"Oh! That's a pretty name. My name is Jimin and I guess you're my Destiny." You can't help but snort at his pun. He's a weird one but it's attractive, you think.

"You're interesting," you admit as you stare at him from the corner of your eye.

"Well someone has fallen for me," Jimin smirks and run ahead of you. "Let's race!"

"Wait! Hold up, Jimin!" You huff and run after him. Sadly, luck wasn't on your side and you trip over a rock. Once again, you feel strong arms lifting you up as you mentally facepalm yourself for being so clumsy.

"I guess you really did fall for me." Jimin bursts out laughing and you blush in embarrassment.

"Oh, shut up, you." You hit his chest playfully before dashing off in front of him as you hear him yell "I think I like you too, Destiny! Now wait for me!!"

You had to admit, you have a little thing for Jimin. "So, you dance?" You tilt your head as you guys run.

"Yup! Wanna come watch me one day?" Jimin glanced at you for a while as he bit his lip. You could tell he was kinda nervous.

"No," you decide to toy with him and shrug casually.

"What?! Why?? You're the first girl I've ever asked to watch me dance and now you're turning me down." Jimin gasps and shakes his head. "I can't believe it."

You laugh, "I was just kidding. Sure, I'll go watch you. I'm expecting you to be a good dancer despite all the muscles and your 'fast reflexes'."

"Trust me, I'll make your jaw drop in a matter of seconds," he smirks.

"There you go, being cocky again," you sigh.

"You love it." I probably do, not gonna lie.


After a few more minutes of jogging together Jimin decides to take a break.

"Want ice cream?" He offers with a smile. Doesn't his cheeks get tired from smiling so much? Not that I mind. It's a pretty good sight.

"Sure." You really did crave something cold at the moment. You wait for him until he finally comes back with two cones. One chocolate, one vanilla. You take the chocolate one from his hand and start consuming it.

"You're welcome," he says with a slightly sassy tone.

"Thanks, Superman," you chuckle.

He takes out his phone and points it towards your direction. You stare at it for a while until he finally speaks.

"Give me your number, would you?"

"Oh.. right, number," you mumbled and take his phone, punching in your number.

"You're a little absentminded," Jimin snorts.

"Well, I'm sorry!" You shove his phone back to him and he laughs.

"Nah, it's cute." You can feel the heat building up to your cheeks, but before you can say anything someone interrupts you.

"Oho! Jimin, who's this?" The guy questions. Woah, he kinda looks like a horse, you think. You realize he was talking about you and raise an eyebrow.

"Girlfriend." Jimin suddenly scoots closer to you and wraps his arm around your shoulder. "Her name is Destiny."

"Wh—" You try to talk but he interrupts.

"Can't you see we're on a date, hyung? Privacy please," Jimin smiles and motions for his hyung to leave.

"Okay, but you're telling me details later." The guy finally leave after one last glance at you.

"What was that all about?!" You jump out of his arms after the guy left.

"What?? You should be proud to be the girlfriend of a guy like me." Jimin raises his brows and continues eating his ice cream.

"Okay, but I'm not your girlfriend," you shoot back.

"Yet." Jimin wiggles his eyebrows.

"Whatever." You mumble and eat your ice cream as you think, I wouldn't mind being with him, to be honest.

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