Seokjin - Watches and Dogs

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You decided to go shopping after work, so there you were in the convenience store. You pick up a pack of a dozen eggs and put it in your arms. Along with milk, some vegetables, and some bags of chips. You didn't bother getting a basket or cart because you weren't getting much.

You walk toward the cashier, but something tackles you before you get there. All of the things in your arms spill out, causing a big mess, especially the eggs. Not only that, but your back starts hurting, making you hiss in pain.

You look down to see the object that tackled and you saw a white fluffy looking dog. It looks excited, panting, and boy was it adorable.

"Namjoon!!" You hear a voice call out. Then, you see a figure coming your way. Noticing his broad shoulders, you know it is a guy. The dog barks suddenly and you flinch at the loud sound.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry." You hadn't notice that the guy was already at your side until you heard him talk. He picks up the dog who you assume is named Namjoon and starts scolding it.

"You're not suppose to run away, Namjoon! You made daddy worried." The dog whimpers. The guy can't take the dog's cuteness and starts saying nicer words to the dog as you looked at them weirdly and get to your feet.

"Ow..ow." You mumble. Your back aches more when you finally stand and you can't help but feel like an old lady. Well, if 25 years old ain't old you don't know what is.

"Are you okay?" The guy asks suddenly worried and close to you.

"Kinda." You say as you stare at the mess of egg shells scattered everywhere. A janitor comes over looking annoyed as ever and cleans the mess. You bow several time while verbally apologizing apologize to the janitor, who had the balls to ignore you, so you just roll your eyes and shrug.

"Your watch broke and your wrist is starting to bruise. Want to come over my house so I can treat it?" The guy smiles slightly. The dog barks again and pants excitedly. Does that thing understand human language? What is it, a hybrid?

"Wow, Namjoon seems to like you a lot. Let's go."

Not giving you an option, the guy puts on Namjoon's leash then grabs your non-bruised wrist. You stiffly nod and awkwardly follow his lead to his house. He's too nice? I bet this is all part of some master plan to kidnap and kill me. Smart. Using a cute dog as bait. Despite the red flags going off in your head, you let the guy lead you to his house and possibly your untimely death.

"We're here." He lets go of your wrist, finally, and digs in his back pocket for his keys. He unlocks the door and waits for you to come in. You obey hesitantly and glance around. Pretty decent.

"Your parents aren't home?" You ask, finally saying something more than 2 words.

"No, they're at work." He shakes his head and you nod. "What's your name, by the way?"

"Karly." You replied cautiously.

"I'm Seokjin, but you can call me Jin." Jin smiles and goes off to what you think is the kitchen. He comes back with a first aid kit and motions for you sit down on the couch. You comply again as he takes your bruised wrist gently. You hadn't even noticed the bruise until he mentioned it earlier.

You wince as he takes a cotton ball and dabs the bruises with some liquid. "Sorry." He apologizes and wraps your wrist in a bandage.

"It's okay. Thank you." You smiled for the first time. Once Jin moves, Namjoon jumps into your lap and nuzzles into it, getting comfortable.
You chuckle and start gently petting the fur on his back.

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