Taehyung - Secret Agent

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for Scarlet_Mermaid


You awaken with a start. The time 2:47 glows in neon green on the clock on your bedside table. You place the covers back over your head and roll over. Taehyung isn't lying beside you and you wonder where he could be at this hour. Whenever you would wake up in the middle of the night, Taehyung would usually be there, but recently he has been leaving early in the morning. It was upsetting to wake up without him and you refused to allow yourself to think of the negative possibilities of where he could be.

A noise in the kitchen startles you. You contemplate whether you should check it out or just hide somewhere. Being the daring person you are, you push the blanket off and head to the kitchen.

You check the bathroom quickly. It was empty. The lights in the kitchen are off but the door to your house is open slightly. A quick scan around the room tells you that someone is here. The drawers and cabinets are all open. You hear footsteps approaching the entrance of your house and you hide behind the door.

The person enters and goes straight toward your bedroom. You don't get a chance to see the person's face but he's extremely muscular. You quietly slip into the bathroom and listen attentively. The person is rummaging through your room. Soon, his footsteps are headed your way again.

Before he reaches the bathroom, his phone rings.

"Hello," he grunts. "I can't find it. Yeah, I checked. No, she's not here. Okay."

His footsteps continue. You hear him stop outside of the bathroom. Through the crack between the door and the wall you see him turn toward the door. He takes a few steps in and you see your chance. You kick the door with all you force, knocking the giant man into the wall. He groans and stands up. You grab the plunger near the toilet and press it into his face, using the opportunity to run toward the kitchen.

"Come here!" He yells, his voice harsh.

You quickly grab the closest thing within reach, which happens to be a really heavy pan. The man jumps toward you, but you're too fast. His large arms barely miss your head and you kick him in the balls. While he's leaning over in pain, you lift the pan and slam it down on his head. His body falls limp to the floor.

Taehyung runs through the front door. He takes in the unusual scene and runs to your side.

"Michelle," he sighs. "I'm so glad you're okay."

You embrace him tightly. "You have some explaining to do."

"I'll explain everything in the car." He grabs your hand and drags you out of the house.

You hop in the car and watch Taehyung pull a can of gasoline from the trunk. He quickly runs back inside. When he returns the can is gone and you can see a flicker of light through the window. He gets into the car and speeds off down the road.

The two of you are silent for the whole drive. You watch as he concentrates on the road, his eyebrows drawn closely together.

After about an hour of driving, he pulls into the parking lot of a motel. You follow him to a room. When he opens the door, you gasp in shock. There's pictures of people posted everywhere, some with red X marks on them. An expensive looking computer system occupies the desk in the corner. On the bed is an open brief case.

"Taehyung," You breathe. "Wh-what is this?"

He turns around to look at you. "This is work."

A confused expression crosses your face. "But...you told me..."

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