Taehyung - Beach Day

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The warm sun hits your face and you quickly raise your hand to cover your eyes. The sound of the waves splashing brings a smile to your face. You dramatically lean your head back and sigh loudly.

"Lillian," you hear your friend call. "Get your butt over here and help me."

You turn to look at her struggling with the beach materials. Instead of helping her, you grab the beach blanket and run across the sand before she can say anything. You laugh silently to yourself as you set the blanket down on the sand before sitting on it.

When your friend finally reaches you, she throws down all of the beach items and kicks you playfully. You feign hurt and rub your arm.

"Why do I put up with you?" she asks, taking a seat next to you.

"Because I'm awesome!" You poke her forehead.

She shakes her head but smiles anyway. The two of you have been friends since forever, but it had been a while since you had the chance to hang out. You miss the times when it was just the two of you, so you were glad when she suggested a beach day. And luckily for you, the beach was nearly empty.

"Look at those idiots," Your friend points to seven boys running around near the water.

You laugh as one of them pushes another one into the waves. He gets up and hops on his attacker's back, bringing them both crashing into the water. They look like they were enjoying themselves, even the one sitting childishly in the sand.

"Kind of reminds me of us." You say. "Except we're way cooler."

Your friend laughs at this and lies down. You slip your sunglasses on and do the same.

A few minutes after laying down, you sit up and put your sunglasses to the side. "It's hot," you whine.

"Maybe because we're at the beach...in the summer." Your friend replies.

You poke her forehead again. "Well, obviously."

"I hate when you do that." She rubs the spot that you poked.

"Too bad," you reply. "I'm going to go closer to the water. You coming?" She shakes her head, so you go without her.

The water was surprisingly warmer than you expect. You drag your feet along the place where the water meets the sand. The waves are small and you think about going in, but you suddenly hear whispering from behind you. You turn around and see the boys from earlier huddled in circle. One of them glances up at you but quickly puts his head back down. You shrug and walk along the sand.

"Hurry!" One of the boys whispers loudly.

You hear shuffling and a muffled thump. You quickly turn around to see what caused the sound.

"Hi." You look down at the brown-haired boy on the ground. He gave you a huge, cheesy grin. "I'm Taehyung."

"Smooth." You hear one of his friends whisper. The rest of them slowly back away when you raise an eyebrow at them.

"Lillian," you return your attention back to Taehyung. "What are you doing on the ground?"

He grabs two handfuls of sand and holds it above his head. "I was just going to tell the sand how much I appreciate it. Why, do you not give the sand your appreciation, too?"

The seriousness of his voice almost makes you believe him. "You're weird." You say bluntly.

"Thank you!" He flashes another smile before getting up. You wish he'd stop doing it because it was so damn attractive.

You smile instinctively. "Why do your friends keep staring over here?" You ask. As soon as you make eye contact with one of them, they all look away and pretend to play with the volleyball they have.

"What? They're not," he lies.

"I'll just ask them then." You casually walk in their direction.

"Wait, no," Taehyung protests.

Before you reach the group, you see the volleyball fly up into the air. You watch as it gets bigger. Instead of moving out of the way, you close your eyes and prepare for the embarrassment.

You open one eye when you don't feel the ball hit you. Taehyung is staring at you with an amused expression and the ball in his hands. You hear his friends laughing loudly.

"Thanks," you mumble.

You turn toward the boy approaching you. He had dark hair and the most adorable face ever. "Sorry about that." He apologizes while stifling his laugh.

"It could've been worse," you shrug.

He gives you a shy smile and turns to go. "Oh," he faces you again. "Taehyung wants to ask you out."

"Jungkook!" Taehyung shouts after the running boy.

You feel your cheeks heat up. Taehyung throws the ball at Jungkook, but Jungkook easily dodges it.

"This kid..." you hear Taehyung mutter. "Don't mind him."

You smirk slightly. "So, that's why they were looking over here."

Taehyung looks flustered. "No. Well, yeah. Maybe?"

You laugh quietly. "So are you going to ask me out?" You suddenly feel a burst of confidence.

"Lillian, will you please go on a date w—" He pauses and checks his pockets. "Stay here."

You stare after his running form in confusion. He comes back panting and places his hands on his knees. When his breathing goes back to normal, he looks you in the eye.

"Lillian," he starts again. "Will you please go on a date with me?" He lifts his hand and opens it to reveal a beautiful seashell.

A smile forms on your lips and you take the shell from his hand. "I would love to."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." The familiar voice of your friend sounds from behind you. "What did I miss?"

"I got a date!" You yell excitedly.

She pouts. "I want a date."

You poke her forehead once again. "You should've followed me when you had the chance."

"Aish!" She rubs her head. You and Taehyung burst into laughter.

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