Jimin - Amusement Park

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You stare up at the roller coaster towering over you. Your stomach rumbles from either excitement or the food you just ate. An arm slips around your shoulders. You raise your eyebrow questioningly at your best friend, Taemin.

"Are you sure you wanna get on?" He asks. "I mean, we just ate."

"Ah, come on," you bump your hip against his. "Don't tell me you're scared."

Taemin bites his lip. "I'm not. I just don't wanna throw up on you."

He feigns gagging noises, making you laugh. The line moves up and the two of you take a few steps forward. You look behind you and around the people gathering in the line behind you. Your other best friend, AeJeong, waves from the beginning of the line. You give her a quick wave and turn back to Taemin.

"After this one, we're gonna get AeJeong on the next one," you say.

"We've already tried that," Taemin sighs.

The line moves forward again. You catch a glimpse of a boy running from the line screaming for his mom.

"We'll drag her." You shrug.

Taemin laughs. " I don't think that will work."

You smile mischievously. "I know how to get her to go on."

Taemin gives you a curious look, but you don't say anything else. It's finally your turn on the ride and you happily get into the seat. The attendant comes around to make sure the belts are secured and then the ride begins.


"How was it?" AeJeong questions.

"You'd know if you had gone with us." You say smartly. AeJeong pouts. "But it's okay because you're going on the next one with us."

Taemin nods in agreement as Aejeong's eyes widen. "No, I'm not." She states defiantly.

You lean your head down so that your mouth is near her ear. "Taemin really wants you to come with us this time."

Her face turns a light pink color. "Shut. Up." She replies through her teeth.

"Seriously," you whisper, "that's all he's been talking about."

"Cut it out, Maddie." She sighs.

You grab her hand. "It's not that bad." You say at a normal volume.

"Yeah," Taemin butts in. "And we'll be here the whole time."

AeJeong can't help but smile at Taemin's encouraging words. "Fine, but only one ride."

You let out a victory yell and dash to the next ride. AeJeong is struggling to keep up with you. Taemin easily catches up with the two of you. You all get in line together.

A group of boys gets in line behind you. You hear a couple of them cheering excitedly and a few of them complaining. You stifle a laugh as you hear one of the boys exclaim "Oh my god!" It seems like some of the boys are being forced to go on the ride by their friends. You smile as you find it ironic that the situation is kind of like the one that AeJeong is currently in.

The line moves quickly as the next batch of people get on the ride. You lean against the railing and look at the ground below. A light breeze pushes your hair back.

"It's our turn," Taemin informs you.

You turn to face your friends. AeJeong is shaking slightly and holding onto Taemin's arm tightly. You laugh at her terrified expression.

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