Jimin - Anniversary

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You tap your foot impatiently against the sidewalk. Your boyfriend, Jimin, was supposed to have picked you up from work half an hour ago, but he still had yet to show up. You check your phone for the hundredth time. Nothing.

You stare down at the bag on the ground in front of you. For yours and Jimin's anniversary, you decided to buy as well as make something for him, yet he still hasn't mentioned anything about the anniversary.

About five minutes later, Jimin's car pulls up. You watch as he quickly steps out and runs to your side. He slips a little because of the ice on the ground but catches himself before he falls.

"I'm so sorry, Leah," Jimin apologizes and kisses your cheek.

You ignore him and grab the small bag that's on the ground. Jimin watches you. You can tell that he is genuinely sorry, but you're still furious that he forgot your anniversary.

He quickly runs to the door before you can reach it and opens it. You give him a blank stare. He smiles at you sweetly and you're tempted to give in, but you don't. Instead, you slide into the car and place the bag in the on the floor. Jimin pouts and shuts the door. He shuffles to the driver's side being careful of the ice.

When the car starts, you welcome the heat. Standing out in the cold for so long had gotten to you. You shiver unintentionally and Jimin notices.

"Are you cold?" Jimin asks.

"I'm fine," you lie. You are too angry to admit that you are cold. You hear Jimin sigh, but he doesn't say anything.

After a few minutes of frowning at the dashboard, you finally look up. You notice that a few snowflakes had begun to fall but that's not what caught your attention. The road that Jimin is taking is deserted and you know that it obviously isn't the way to your house.

"Where are we going?" You break the silence.

Jimin shifts his gaze to you for a second and then back to the road. "So now you're speaking to me?"

You clench your jaw. "Fine, then. Don't answer."

"Why are you so upset?" Jimin is frustrated. His hands grip the steering wheel harder. "I said I was sorry. I had something to do and it ran late, but I still came to get you, didn't I?"

"You think I'm mad because you were late?" You snap your head to face him.

Just then the car starts to make noises that don't sound pleasant. Jimin turns the wheel and pulls over. The car makes one last sputtering sound and shuts off. Jimin curses and hits the steering wheel. You watch as he tries to start the car several times but fails.

"It's not going to start," you state.

"Obviously," Jimin rolls his eyes.

You stare at the snow piling quickly on top of the already ridiculously large piles of snow outside. We're probably going to freeze to death.

"You should've just taken me home," you mumble. Jimin hears this.

"Leah," he says calmly, "What's wrong?"

"Can we please not talk about this," you sigh, "let's worry about getting out of this mess."

Jimin runs a hand through his hair. "We're going to talk about this. Now tell me."

Your eyes start to tear up. How could he really not know? Was your relationship really this unimportant?

"Leah," Jimin's voice is soft. He sees you trying to hold in your tears and reaches a hand over to you. You fumble with the door handle. Before he can grab you, you manage to get the door open.

The sudden cold air surprises you, but you don't pay attention to it. You slam the door and turn your back to it. The snow covers your hair and sticks to your coat. You walk away from the car, not really knowing where you are going to go because you have no idea where you are. The tears finally begin to fall.

Jimin's strong arms wrap around your waist from behind. He pulls you close to him and places his chin on your shoulder.

"How could you forget?" You ask while sniffling.

Jimin kisses your neck before answering. "I didn't."

Confused, you turn around in his arms. "You didn't?"

"Did you really think I would forget our anniversary?" The corner of his mouth lifts. "Three years is a pretty long time to put up with someone like you." His smile widens and you narrow your eyes at him.

"Go away." You say sternly.

He ducks his head and presses his lips gently to yours. "How could I forget three of the best years of my life?"

You can't help but smile. "Why didn't you say something?"

"I wanted to surprise you," he admits. "I rented out a cabin and had everything planned out. That's why I was late picking you up."

You mentally slap yourself for being so stupid. Jimin's hand releases your waist and moves up to wipe the remaining tears. You shiver, partly because of the cold and partly because of Jimin's touch.

"Let's get back into the car." He rubs your arms to keep them warm.


After a few tries, the car finally starts. Jimin drives the rest of the way to the cabin. When you arrive, you stare in awe. The cabin itself was huge. There were dim lights hanging in the trees nearby and all around the outside of the cabin. More lights lined the walkway toward the door. You grab Jimin's presents and follow the pathway that leads you to the porch. The inside of the house is just as beautifully decorated as the outside. There is a bottle of wine on the coffee table near the couch with two wine glasses next to it.

"Jimin," you breathe, "This is amazing."

He puts an arm around your shoulder and kisses your cheek. "You're amazing."

You shake your head at him. After seeing everything he's done for you today, you kind of feel embarrassed about your gift. You hold the bag out to him shyly. He takes it and pulls out the first item. He looks at the cover of the CD and laughs.

"Jimin's Jams? Seriously?"

You laugh along with him. He takes out the second item shortly after. It's a small box. When he opens it, he smiles widely. He pulls out the ring and reads the engraving. It has both of your names on it along with your anniversary date. He slides it onto his finger.

"Thank you," he says while pinching your cheek. "Please tell me you have one, too?"

You lift your hand to show him the matching ring. "You better where it all the time," you threaten.

"I will," he answers happily. He pauses for a second to think before asking, "Would you like your present now or later?"


Jimin smirks mischievously. "To the bedroom then!"

You let Jimin grab your hand and drag you toward the stairs. It is covered in rose petals all the way up. Before the two of you begin to ascend the steps he quickly runs back to the living room.

"Almost forgot this," he says when he returns with the wine bottle in his hand.

You smile as he hurries back to the steps. He grabs your hand again and you both run upstairs.


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