Jungkook - 21st Century Girl

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"Why am I even here?" you mutter under your breath.

The pulsing bass from the music was already becoming annoying and you haven't stepped inside yet. You had to admit, the banquet hall was decorated interestingly with strands of ribbon and tons of glitter placed all over the neatly trimmed hedges.

A group of girls dressed in matching cat costumes (if you count cheap eyeliner-drawn whiskers and noses) push past you. If your phone had not begun to ring at that moment, you would have said something to them.

"Where are you?" you almost scream. "I'm standing outside the place, alone mind you."

Your friend clears her throat. "I'm not going to make it. My car got towed."

"I told you to stop parking illegally. Were you at your boyfriend's house when it happened?"

"Yeahhh," she responds dreamily.

"Make that good-for-nothing come pick you up next time!" you shout before ending the call.

Great. Now you have to go to this stupid party by yourself. This was the third time your friend had ditched you this week, and all three times had something to do with her new boyfriend. Apparently, five years of friendship is nothing compared to 3 weeks of relationship.

You sigh heavily before shuffling through the front doors. The inside of the building is decorated equally as well as the outside. The place is filled with people in costumes. Most of the costumes are basic. You smirk slightly at your totally original outfit.

"Minah!" some girl calls. You have no idea who she is, but you don't tell her. "How have you been?"

You wait until the awkward hug is over before you speak. "Um, great."

"I didn't think you would show up," she rambles. "I invited you to a party last month and the month before that, too, but you never answered. Didn't you get the invitations. I sent them to your house and I messaged you a few times."

"Oh," you try to come up with an excuse. "You must've had the wrong address. And I changed my number a while ago."

She laughs. "That makes sense. I knew you weren't avoiding me."

You give her an uncomfortable smile. Now you remembered her. Back in middle school, she would always follow you around because of that one time you let her sit with you at lunch. No matter how many times you tried to tell her to go away, she would always come back.

"I'm going to go find a seat," you state.

"There's an empty one at my table," she informs you.

"I'll join you after saying hi to everyone," you lie.

"Okay," she nods enthusiastically before skipping away. Weird.

You look for an empty table, but you can't find one. There are a few people you recognize from the neighborhood. Most of the party guests are people you had seen in the halls during high school, but none of them were considered friends. You wander over to the stage just as someone comes up with a microphone. He taps it twice causing a terrible screeching noise.

"I'd like to introduce eight lovely ladies," he begins. This interests you. "You might have seen them on YouTube. This is their first ever live performance, so please give them a warm welcome. Introducing...Hashtag!"

Eight girls dressed in ridiculous outfits clumsily make their way on stage. You huff in disappointment. They're just a bunch of nobodies. The host could have at least gotten an actual artist.

You finally spot an empty table. Many of the people had gathered on the dance floor, so that was probably why it was empty. There are so many people in your way that you begin nudging them just to get through. You're almost to the table when something blocks your view and you bump into it. Your butt hits the floor hard. When you look up to see what the cause of your fall was, you see a guy dressed in a giant grey bunny suit. If he hadn't looked so hilarious, you would have yelled at him.

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