Jungkook - Secrets

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"Let's go out," you say to Jungkook. "I wanna go somewhere nice."

"Go by yourself," he says absentmindedly as he types away on his phone.

You sigh and sit next to him on the couch. Recently Jungkook has been distancing himself from you and it was starting to bother you. He would come home late and leave you worrying about where he's been without giving an explanation. His phone has become more important than you, too.

"Please," you beg pathetically.

He finally looks up from his phone with a blank expression. "No."

You clench your jaw but remain quiet. Instead of pushing the argument further, you get up and stomp to the kitchen to begin preparing dinner.

You hum quietly to yourself as you take out the ingredients. You place water into a pot on the stove and add the pasta. Jungkook's footsteps catch your attention, but you don't turn around. You shuffle over to the oven to turn it on. Jungkook leans against the counter watching you.

As the water begins to boil, you slice the Italian bread. Jungkook places a pan on the stove and adds butter, garlic powder and dried parsley. You turn off the pasta and drain it while Jungkook begins mixing the ingredients in the pan. The whole process is quiet and you smile to yourself. This was the first time in a while that Jungkook actually did something with you.

When the garlic bread is in the oven, you prepare the chicken for the Chicken Alfredo. Your phone rings suddenly and you reach for it.

"Hey, Jinhwan," you answer happily.

"Chaeyoung, are busy?" He asks.

You look at Jungkook quickly who is glaring angrily at the food in front of him. "I'm just making dinner, but I can spare some time to talk."

"I just wanted to know if you have anything planned for tomorrow."

"I don't think so," you reply, "I don't really ever have anything planned." You see Jungkook slightly turn his head toward you.

Jinhwan pauses before continuing. "Me and a couple of friends are going to a party. Since we haven't hung out in a while, I thought you might want to come."

"Sure," you exclaim. "I might need a new outfit though. We should go pick out something together tonight."

Jungkook swiftly walks over to you and snatches the phone rudely from your hand. He hangs up and places the phone into his pocket.

"Jungkook!" You look at him with wide eyes.

He remains silent as he returns to cooking. You storm out of the kitchen and lock yourself in your bedroom.


A few hours pass until you finally decide to ask Jungkook about his attitude lately. You find him sitting in the kitchen with his head in his hands, his untouched plate on the table beside him.

You come up beside him and rub his back. He tenses at the sudden contact but soon relaxes.

"Talk to me," you speak softly.

When he doesn't respond, you kneel beside him. You pull his hands away from his face. To your surprise, you find tears streaming slowly down his beautiful face.

"Jungkook?" Your voice is urgent. "What's wrong?"

He looks at you helplessly but doesn't respond. He only shakes his head slightly.

You sigh in frustration. You lift your hand to wipe away the tears, but his hand grabs your wrist. He harshly tosses your arm away.

"Leave." He says coldly.

"What did I do?!" You yell suddenly. "You won't tell me anything! You keep pushing me away! Am I not good enough for you anymore?!"

Jungkook's eyebrows pull together and he looks broken.

"Chaeyoung, you won't understand," He sniffles.

"I want to try. You just have to let me."

Jungkook stands, places your phone on the table, and walks away from you. He stops near the doorway. "Just go have fun with Jinhwan."

"I'm not letting this go."

"Leave it alone. It's none of your business."

Jungkook whips out his phone and begins to type rapidly. You walk over to him and a grab it. A second later, the sound of his phone hitting the wall is heard.

"What the hell!" Jungkook shouts, turning to face you.

"I hope whoever you constantly text is worth losing me."

You don't wait for a reply as you grab your keys and phone and walk to the front door. It's dark outside and a light wind is blowing. You jog to your car and get in. The engine roars to life and soon you're speeding down the street.

As you drive, you begin to cry. Jungkook was so nice and sweet when you first met, but as your relationship progressed, you realized that he kept many things hidden from you. No matter how hard you tried, he would never open up to you. Although you love him, you can't understand how you're going to continue to be in a relationship where there were so many secrets.

Your phone lights up and you take your eyes away from the road. Jungkook's name flashes across the screen. You swipe your phone to answer but don't talk.

"Chaeyoung, I'm sorry." He says quickly. "Come back home. I'll tell you everything. I really--"

You don't get the chance to hear him finish. The sound of a horn jolts your attention back to the road. You had somehow ended up on the other side of the road while you weren't paying attention. You react quickly, swerving to the right and hitting the brakes, but you were going to fast. Your car crashes into the wall of a nearby building. The impact dazes you. Your ears begin to ring and you feel a warm liquid dripping from your nose. Black spots occupy your vision.

"What was that?" Jungkook's worried voice sounds far away. "Hello?"

That's the last thing you hear before you lose consciousness.


Everything is dark but you can hear noises in the background. It takes you a while to figure out what the sounds are but you soon hear the steady beeping of machinery. A few unfamiliar voices sound distant. You can't tell what they're saying because you're continuously fading in and out of consciousness.

After a while of silence, you try to open your eyes. Your eyelids disobey your orders and stay closed. You try to wiggle your fingers but they won't budge. A soft hand grips yours.

"Please wake up," Jungkook pleads.

He bows his head and lays it near you. You struggle to open your mouth to tell him that you're right here and that you can hear him, but you can't.

"I'm so sorry," he cries. "It's all my fault. I should've just told you, but I didn't want you to leave me. I didn't want to be alone again."

Jungkook kisses your forehead softly and strokes your cheek. You urge your body to move so that he could at least know that you're still there.

"Don't leave me." He whispers.

You attempt once again to show him any sign of life, but fail. Jungkook's heartbroken sobs are the last thing you hear before the fuzzy feeling returns.


{A/N: This story wasn't a request. I was listening to Jungkook's Nothing Like Us cover and I got the idea. I hope you guys don't hate me >.<}

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