Seokjin - Cupcakes

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Today is Monday, and you hate Mondays. Everyone does. Mondays aren't the only thing you hate, you also hate 1st period: Culinary Class. Who cooks in the morning, besides breakfast? You thought as you made your way to class. You greet your friend, YoonA, as you sit down in your seat and sigh.

Only a few people are in the class. So far there is Kyungsoo, who is the best cook in the class. Mingyu is an okay cook except for the fact that he often forgets to wash his hands. Youngjae is an average, quiet cook but still cooks way better than you.

You are pretty sure everyone else that is not present are fooling around in the hallway.

"Ready for class, Ally?" YoonA teases and pokes your arm.

"Um, no. I never am," you say with a slight attitude.

You just don't like cooking, but you want to improve because you just know that one day you're going to be starving and there will be no one to cook for you. You would rather learn how to cook than to starve to death. In addition to the lack of enthusiasm and skills for the class, your instructor hates you. You understand why though. You are the worst student in the class. You almost burned the building down once and almost got kicked out for that but was able to talk your way out of it.

"Good luck. Oh! And I heard that we're having a new student added to this class, aren't you excited?" YoonA squeals. Great, another rank lower. You think.

"Yeah, so great. I don't really care." You sigh and put your head down on the desk as the bell rings. All the students come rushing in, causing a loud commotion.

Once everyone is in their seats, the evil teacher finally walks in with a boy following behind her. You don't even spare him a glance because like you said, you don't care.

"So, we have a new student. Please introduce yourself." The teacher nudges the boy.

The boy smiles confidently and bows. "Hello, my name is Kim Seokjin. I hope we can all get along." You hear many whispers around the room which makes you curious.

You look up and— Oh. Oh.  You look at your friend who gives you a smirk and you already know what she is thinking. His shoulders are broad, he has pink plump lips and his eyes are round and brown. He looks like a prince.

You heave out a breath and somehow, finally, start paying attention to what is happening. He is like a portal that sucks up everyone's attention.

"Sadly, there is only one seat left and it's over there next to Ally.  Ally, raise your hand." Sadly? You think and scoff. She didn't even say please. You roll your eyes and raise your hand. He nods with a smile (still) and makes his way to the seat next to yours. "Lucky." You hear YoonA mumble.

Once he is seated, he whips his head over to you and sticks out his hand, "Hello, I'm Seo—"

"Seokjin, yeah I already know. You literally introduced yourself like 2 minutes ago." You say and shake his hand.

"And you're Ally." He replies and slightly flips his hair to get it out of his eyes, to see you clearly.

"Right." You say and let go of his hand.

"I guess we should get along since we're seat mates." Seokjin suggests looking at you with anticipation.

"Um, yeah, sure." You nod slowly and bring your attention back to the teacher who was getting ready to announce what the class was gonna make today.

"We're just gonna go simple today, and do cupcakes. Afterwards, you can eat it if you want." Some cheered, some booed. You, don't care, as always. "Everyone can pair up with a partner or make your own batch, just don't make a mess. If you do, clean it up."

The students get up and pair with other classmates. YoonA gets up excitedly and runs to Seokjin, "Oppa! Can I be your partner?" She adds a little pout, which made Seokjin feel pressured and awkward.

"Um..." He rubs the nape of his neck. "Actually, Ally do you wanna be my partner?" You raise your eyebrow and glance at YoonA. You can tell she is shocked, but then she flashes you a smirk.

"Um? Okay?" You say unsure. Seokjin nods and faces YoonA, "Sorry...uh.."

"YoonA. It's okay, oppa! There's always more chances. Now I'll leave you two alone. Have fun!" YoonA giggles and skips away. Why am I even friends with her, you sigh.

"Shall we start?" Seokjin asks excitedly. He loves baking.

"Right! Let's start." You both get up and make your way to the kitchen counter provided in the classroom. You two start off smoothly and make the batter in a matter of minutes. It is actually pretty easy now, and you figured it is because of Seokjin.

The two of you proceed to make the cream on top. It is just as easy as the batter. Now all you have to do is wait. You and Seokjin have a short conversation before the oven dings, signaling that it is done.

Seokjin jumps up, putting on gloves before taking out the pan.

"Woah." Your mouth forms an 'O' shape. Your dishes never look as appetizing as these cupcakes. You are busy staring at it until you feel something mushy on your cheek.

"Wha—?!" You touch your cheek and feel the cream that was on the cupcake. You hear Seokjin laughing next to you as he covers his mouth. "Not funny, Seokjin."

"Sorry, sorry." He wipes some cream onto his fingers and licks it. "Yummy." You can't help but blush and give him a weird look.

"Are you gonna lick it off my face?" You ask, slightly confused.

"It would be such a waste to just wipe it off with a napkin." Seokjin shrugs and leans in closer to you. He slides his tongue across your cheek which makes you shiver and goosebumps appear on your skin. Oh my gosh. Help me. I feel violated.

You can hear the students gasping and talking behind your back so you decide to put an end to this. You grab a napkin and just wipe the rest of the frosting off your face, narrowing your eyes at Seokjin.

He smiles apologetically, "Sorry." You just sigh and shrug it off.

"Now, let's try these wonderful cupcakes we made, okay?" You suggest and pass him a cupcake.

He grins and takes it, but instead of eating it, he puts it near your mouth, "Say 'ah'."

"Uh.." You gave him a weird look. He just pushes the cupcake closer to your mouth. You have no other choice but to open your mouth and take a bite of it. Boy, did it taste delicious.

I guess this class won't so bad from now on, you blush and look at the chuckling handsome guy in front of you.

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