Jungkook - Boy in Luv

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You groan as the 7 boys walk in. They call themselves Bangtan Boys, and are basically kingkas of the school. They're all so cocky, but sadly very good looking. You know you dislike them all but there's one kingka that just won't stop messing with you. You don't know if he bullying you or just playing around.

You see him grin as he happily plops down in the seat next to yours. Jeon Jungkook. You couldn't be happier sitting next to him. Although he continuously messes with you, occasionally he also helps you. There was this one time when a fight between you and a few other people almost broken out because of the amount of time you spend with the kingkas. Jungkook showed up to defend you, ultimately leaving you puzzled.

Unfortunately for you, his nice actions left an imprint on your heart. You would never admit it though because it would result in you helplessly pining after him from afar with no hope of him returning your feelings.

"You know, your name doesn't fit you at all. Serenity? You're the total opposite." He rips you out of your thoughts and you shoot him a glare.

"Well I'm sorry. Maybe if you didn't provoke me so much I would be more serene." You huff as you see the corner of his lips rise up into a smirk.

"What? It's cute." He glances at you for a while and chuckles when he sees your slightly red cheeks. Lies, he's lying!

"Liar..." You mumble and glance at him. Boy, were you surprised to see him so close to your face when you glance at him. Oh my gosh, when did he get this close?! Your heart starts beating impossibly fast.

You shut your eyes tightly as he leans in closer until—

"Okay class!!" The teacher's voice booms throughout the whole classroom. You think you hear Jungkook grumble but it was probably just your imagination.

You sneak a peek at him one last time, seeing him groan and slam his head in the table. Cute. You smile slightly but turn your head away and pretend to pay attention to the teacher. What would've happened if the teacher didn't come in? Oh my gosh.


You place your books in your locker as you sigh tiredly. Some slams your locker closed before you get the chance to. He grabs your shoulder roughly, spins you around to face him, and pushes you against the locker. He secures his left hand against the locker near your head, trapping you, which causes you to jump.

You look up at the person that is causing all the commotion. Kim Seokjin.

You sigh before starting your rant.  "What're you doing?! I almost had a heart attack!" You breathe heavily and squeeze your chest. His hair was styled upward, giving him the typical "bad boy" look. All the girls love it. I mean, who could resist such a pretty face?

"Sorry, sorry. Just follow me." He suddenly clasps your wrist and starts dragging you away.

"Ugh! What now?" You say uncomfortably while glaring at his back.

"Be quiet, would you?" He snarls. Wow, talk about rude. You sigh for the nth time and quietly follow him. You are confused as to why you he lead you to the front of an empty classroom.

Before you can say anything, Seokjin pushes you into the classroom and slams the door shut behind him, tapping you inside. Always slamming things. You look around the room was dark, except for the light coming from the windows.

Suddenly, a spotlight appears in the middle of the room and you feel yourself being dragged again, but this time toward the center of the spotlight. You stand there awkwardly as a figure comes into view. It walked toward you.

He looks up with a smirk. Although he's still partially in the shadows, you recognize the smirk almost immediately. You gasp when you see Jungkook's face become illuminated as he steps further into the spotlight.

He pulls out a rose and starts singing,

"I want to be your oppa,
Why don't you know my heart for you?
Even if you ignore me,
Even if you act cold.
I want to be your oppa,
I will be your man,
Just watch." He stops singing and the rest of the song plays as you accept the rose and stare at him.

Is this a dream? He wants to be my oppa, but he already is.

He caresses your cheek as he leans his forehead against yours. "Serenity, will you be mine?" Your heart beats impossibly fast again and it takes a large amount of strength just to breath out a "Yes".

Suddenly, cheers erupt everywhere and you turn to see all the Bangtan members clapping and screaming.

"You did it, Kookie!!" Jimin squeals along with Hoseok.

"He told me to make a song just to confess to you." Yoongi approaches you and pats your shoulder. That catches Jungkook's attention, and he joins the conversation.

"Really? But I thought he hated me." You give Jungkook a confused gaze.

He raises an eyebrow, "Haven't to heard that if a guy bullies you, he probably likes you'?"

You roll your eyes, "Of course I have! I just didn't think you wo—"

"Well, I like you and that's all that matters. You're my girlfriend now." He wraps his arm around your shoulder and smiles genuinely.

"Ugh, whatever you say." You pout.

"What? You don't like it?" He leans in closer to you, again.

"Nooo, I love it!" You say with a hint of sarcasm. You actually did like it though, not that you would admit it to him.

"Serenity," You hum in response. "Look at me."

Your face heats up as you glance at him. Your face really starts to steam when he pecks you on the cheek.

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