Jungkook - Nurse's Office

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You groan slightly as your body hits the cold pavement in the school. You hear snickering around you and you breathe deeply, blinking back the tears.  Actually, scratch that, you were already used to it. The tears won't even come out anymore. New school year, means more bullying for you and you couldn't be more happy.

You let out a shaky breathe as pain shoots through your ankle and back. You curse under your breath as the girl pulls you up by the collar of your shirt. Her right hand makes hard contact with your face, her long nails scratching you. You are pretty sure you have a red hand print on your face now and you can feel the cut she made dripping blood.

As sad as it sounds, the pain was numb to you. You've been through worse, and this just adds another bruise.

This time, she raises her fist, ready to fire it at you. You scoff with a crooked smile before shutting your eyes tightly. You wait for it to hit your jaw, but sadly, it never comes.

"Hey, stop it!" A voice shouts. You are too scared to open your eyes, expecting it to be a teacher.

"J-Jungkook Oppa?" The girl squeaks out pathetically. Knowing it isn't a teacher, you crack your eyes open to reveal the scene unfolding in front of you.

"Don't 'oppa' me. What in the hell do you think you're doing? I told you stop bullying her, already!" You scoff lightly. No matter how much he tells them to stop, they won't.

"Ugh, but oppa! She doesn't belong here. She's just a pathetic littl—"

"Shut the fuck up." The guy named Jungkook rudely interrupts and snaps at her. This is all pointless. You mute the rest of their conversation, making a red locker seem oh so interesting.

You sigh when the girl leaves and Jungkook is left standing there, fume still coming out of his ears.

Now that I think about it, "Why are you even helping me?" You raised a brow at him when the two of you make eye contact.

"Because...you don't deserve this." He whispers and makes his way to where you are sitting pathetically in the middle of the hallway.

Before you can even open your mouth to say something, he interrupts you again, "Anyways, let's get you treated, okay?"

You look at him weirdly before sighing and getting up, with the help of his strong arms. He leads you to the nurse's room and takes a first aid kit from the counter.

He motions for you to sit and you have to obey because damn, your ankle hurts like hell.

You watch blankly as he takes a towel, dampening it with water before dabbing it onto your cheek, wiping away the blood and cleaning the cut.

You sigh and fight the urge to roll your eyes at his nice actions, which are foreign to you. He takes a band aid, peeling the plastic off and sticking it onto your cheek, over the cut.

He then kneels down and takes off your shoes. He rolls up your jeans and examines the wound before grabbing some bandages, rubbing alcohol, a few cotton balls,  a new damp towel, and scissors.

He takes the damp towel, pressing lightly onto the wound making you hiss lightly.

"Sorry, it's gonna hurt." He glances at you worriedly as your eyebrows knot together.

After cleaning it, he takes a cotton ball and puts some rubbing alcohol on it. "This is gonna hurt too." he warns.

You hiss a little louder when your wound starts stinging. He quickens up his pace and before you know it, your ankle is all bandaged up.

He puts away the supplies and you put your shoes back on, ready to leave the place that reeked of old people and nasty medicine.

"Aren't you gonna thank me?" He asks you when you stand up.

"Oh, thank you soo much, master. How much money do you want?" You say sarcastically as you roll your eyes and scoff.

Jungkook ignores your smart comment. "Although money sounds good, how about a date instead, Naiya?"

"Is this why you stopped her?" You stand up angrily. "So that you could pretend to ask me out? Is this a part of some ultimate humiliation plan?"

Jungkook stares at you with wide eyes. He puts his hands up and shakes his head quickly. "N-no. I wouldn't—"

"Save it." You interrupt, "I'm not as stupid as everyone thinks!"

You storm out of the nurse's room. The bell signalling the start of class rings and you sigh. Late again. You decide against going to class. As you walk down the empty hallway, you can hear footsteps behind you.

"Go away," you state without looking back.

Jungkook quickens his pace to match yours. "Let me take you to dinner."

"Dinner's overrated." You rolls your eyes and make a sharp turn. Jungkook follows. "And I'm not going anywhere with you, so leave me alone."

From the opposite side of the hall, you hear someone's shoes echoing and a person talking. You curse silently. You had already been warned about skipping class. If you are caught one more time, you'll get suspended. Jungkook senses your dilemma and grabs your arm. He pulls open a nearby door and the two of you scramble inside.

Jungkook fumbles for the light switch until he finds it. You look around as soon as the light comes on. It is obviously a supply closet because of the various cleaning supplies filling the space. You shift your gaze back to Jungkook. Since there is limited space inside of the small closet, the two of you are pressed closely together. You look up and see a flustered Jungkook. He won't meet your eyes and he's fidgeting slightly. You find this amusing.

"What's the matter, tough guy?" You smirk. "Not used to being this close to a girl?"

Jungkook sucks in his bottom lip and then lets out a shaky breath. "No! I mean, yeah! Wait...I've been around plenty of girls before!"

You hold in your laugh as you hear the person in the hall walk past the closet. Jungkook narrows his eyes at you.

"Naiya," he whispers seductively. Your silent laughter immediately ceases.

"Stop." You say firmly.

Jungkook smirks and leans toward you. You find your gaze drifting toward his perfect lips. Although you know that you should at least try to resist him, your body disobeys your brain's commands and your eyes flutter shut. You wait for his lips to meet yours, but it never happens.

"Can I at least take you to get ice cream?" He asks sweetly.

Your eyes snap open and you begin to feel the embarrassment. Jungkook is standing upright again smiling at you. You let a frustrated sigh and swing open the door. The hall is once again empty, but it's not like you cared. You stomp childishly toward the class that you were supposed to be skipping.

"Naiya," Jungkook calls. "I'm sorry!"

You stop outside of the classroom and spin around to face him. "We'll meet at my locker after school."

A smile spreads across Jungkook's face. He nods his head excitedly. "Okay, I'll be there."

You turn away and can't keep the smile off of your face. Without looking back you enter the classroom. The teacher pauses and looks at you.

"Why are you so late?" he asks.

"She was at the nurse's office," you hear Jungkook answer.

You don't pay attention to the rest of the exchange as you walk to your seat. The eyes of all of your classmates follow you. After sitting down, you decide to finally look up. The girl from earlier is shooting daggers at you. You give her the biggest smile and a small wave. Who cares about not fitting in, I have a date with Jeon Jungkook!

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