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A/N: Thank you so much for another request Madi!!

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Your alarm rings on a Saturday morning, signaling you to wake up. This time it wasn't for school whatsoever. It was finally time to meet your prince, or so you call him: Kim Namjoon.

"Good morning, prince!" You giggle and kiss the big poster of him on the wall right next to the bed. I'm finally meeting you today. You sigh happily and jump out of bed to get ready for the fansign.

You specifically pick out a plain white t-shirt, some ripped jeans and red converses you bought since you heard that Namjoon likes girls who wear converse.

You rush to the restroom to clean yourself up, and put on a little make up. You fix as many of your flaws as you can before being satisfied with the way you look.

"You look great, Madi," you say to yourself as you look into your reflection in the mirror with a grin. You let out another happy sigh and grab your phone and wallet, placing it in your back pocket.

You go outside, getting a cab and driving to the castle where your prince would be. Your legs bounce up and down in excitement as you see the outside of the building after a few minutes of driving around. You pay the taxi driver, and get out with a thank you.

You skip your way to the booth, giving them your ticket. The men nod and you say thank you again.

You walk in and you see fans already in there seats, waiting and watching as some of them go up to get an autograph from Namjoon. His manager, Jin, is standing beside him to make sure no fans try anything funny.

You take a seat near the front and stare at the male smiling at a fan and waving goodbye. You take out your phone and take a few snaps of the glory in front of you even though you have more than enough pictures of him all over your gallery. It was different when you were the one taking the pictures, more meaningful.

"Hey, you!" A girl suddenly calls out, making you flinch slightly. You look up and around until you see a finger pointing directly at you.

"What are you wearing?! Are you trying to catch Namjoon's attention with those clothes??" She yells from across the room. You are dumbfounded and speechless. You open and close your mouth, not knowing what to say.

You gulp and lower your head.

"No.." You mumble and bite your lip. You can feel all the stares from the other girls as you grip onto your knee tightly.

"Security, security." Jin mutters into his radio and glances at you worriedly. He can see Namjoon taking in the situation and heaving out a sigh.

Then, two men crash in through the door. One with mint green hair and another with a black hair. The two took the previously yelling girl out of the room, and before they scurried out of the room, you glance at their name tags seeing 'Yoongi' and 'Hoseok'.

You feel relieved that security had taken some of the attention away from you for a while, but now you can begin to feel the stares again. Some of the fans even start to whisper. Although, you try your best to ignore what they are saying, you can't help but listen.

That one girl was right. She's totally trying to get his attention.

Namjoon would never fall for someone so desperate.

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