Jungkook - Under the Weather

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You cough for what seems like the millionth time. Just like every other time, the pain in your chest returns. You groan and burrow deeper into the covers. It had been over a week and your cold still hadn't subsided. It was beginning to annoy you.

The vibration from your phone catches your attention and you blindly search for it in your blankets. When you find it, you cringe. Why is my brightness so high? You quickly change the setting. A message from Jungkook is on the screen.

Jungkook: How are you feeling?

You smile at his concern and type a quick response: Like shit.

The three dots notifying you that Jungkook was typing immediately appears on the screen.

JK: Aww I'm sorry :/ Is there anything I can do?

Y: ...be here

JK: I'll be there as soon as my schedule clears. I promise.

You don't reply. It's become difficult for you to see Jungkook recently. He is always busy with promotions and traveling that he rarely has time for you. You don't blame him, but it would be nice if he wasn't away all of the time. Especially when you really wish you could have someone to take care of you while you are ill.

Before you can put your phone on the table beside your bed, it lights up once again. You open the message to see a picture of Jungkook making a heart with his fingers. A second picture follows, but this time it's of the rest of Bangtan holding up a "Get Well Vanessa" sign. You smile and type a quick thanks before placing your phone down and wrapping yourself up in the blankets once again.

For a while, you toss and turn but sleep does not come. Your stomach begins to growl but you're too weak to get up. You start to believe that whatever is going on is more than a cold, but since you are so stubborn, you refuse to even think about going to the doctors.

You finally get tired of trying to fall asleep. You sit up a little too quickly, which causes the room to spin. The dizzy feeling fades a bit after a few seconds. When you feel as though you can stand, you try.

At first, your legs wobble a little, but you grab onto the bed for support. A cough makes its way out, making the pain in your chest return. You hobble over to the door and lean against the frame. The simple action of moving from your bed to your door had made you exhausted. You wonder how serious your condition is getting.

Your next stop was the kitchen. You needed to get something to eat as soon as possible. After a few more coughs and sniffles, you finally reach your destination. As you reach into the cabinet to grab a pot, your vision goes blurry. The dizziness in your head returns. Seconds later, the sound of the pot banging against the floor echoes in your ears. Your head hits the ground and you can't seem to move.

You're not sure how long you lay on the floor with your eyes close, but you're too weak to get to your feet. The cool tile feels soothing against your burning cheek. The sound of the lock clicking and the door swinging open catches your attention.

"Vanessa?" Jungkook's voice calls. You try to answer him but your voice comes out hoarse. "Vanessa?"

You hear his footsteps travel toward the bedroom. They quicken when he realizes you're not there. In no time, he makes his way to the kitchen. You open your eyes slightly to see him kneeling down in front of you.

"Hey," you smile. "How's it going?"

Jungkook shakes his head disapprovingly. "Let's get you back to bed."

He scoops you up from the floor. You press your head into his chest, enjoying the warmth. He carefully sets you back in your bed.

"What were you doing?" He questions.

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