Hoseok - A Break Up and Bad Dance Moves

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"Can you hurry up?!" Your boyfriend yells impatiently as you check your hair and makeup in the car mirror.

You whip your head toward him and give him a death glare. "I'm almost finished."

He rolls his eyes, turning away from you. You give the mirror one last glance, adjust your shoulder bag, and decide that you're ready to go in. When you turn around, you see that your boyfriend had already begun walking without you. You clench your teeth and follow him.

As you near the entrance, you can hear the roar of engines and smell the fuels in the air. You had practically begged your boyfriend to take you to the Go Kart racing track for your birthday and after a few arguments, he finally agreed. Not to mention, the sun was up and it was beautiful outside.

You walk up behind your boyfriend and smile at the person behind the counter. He is young and seems as if he didn't want to be there. When he didn't return the smile, you duck behind your boyfriend. He hands the money to the guy and walks in. You try to follow behind, but the guy admission guy calls you back.

"You know you have to pay to get in, right?" He says, obviously annoyed.

You stare at the back of your boyfriend's retreating figure in disbelief. Seriously?

You pull out a few bucks from your bag and angrily hand him the money. He gives you a ticket and you stalk away.

"Are you serious?" You ask once you reach the line to get on the carts.

He looks at you stupidly. "What?"

"Forget it." You cross your arms over your chess and turn away from him to watch the people racing.

As you watch the cars speed around the track, you quickly forget about your anger towards your jerk of a boyfriend. You smile at the enjoyment on the riders' faces and you feel excited. This was your first time ever go karting and you are really looking forward to it. You just wish that you had someone else to enjoy the time with.

"I'll be back," your boyfriend says, stepping out of line.

You shrug and turn back to the track. The first bunch of people are getting off and leaving the tack. They look so happy, especially the couples that had come together. You sigh, wishing that your relationship could be like theirs.

"Hi," someone greets you from behind.

You turn around to see a handsome guy smiling at you. His friend, who also happened to be just as handsome, peeks out from behind him to wave to you.

"Hello," you say awkwardly.

"I'm Hoseok," he introduces himself while sticking out a hand, which you gladly shook. "My friends call me J-Hope, but you can call me your hope."

He winks at you and you burst into laughter. His friend slaps him on the back of his head.

"I'm Seokjin. You can call me Jin, if you'd like," Hoseok's friend says. "He's kind of an idiot."

Hoseok feigns hurt. "I am not!"

"Only an idiot would use such a terrible pick up line," Jin counters.

You finally have the nerve to speak. "I thought it was cute."

"See," J-Hope turns toward Jin. "She thinks it was cute."

Jin rolls his eyes at J-Hope and faces you. "What's your name, by the way?"

"Emily," you offer them both a smile.

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