Taehyung - My Boss

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Kim. Tae. Hyung. Just the thought of his name causes you to fume with anger. For the last two years you had been working as his personal assistant. From the eyes of all of his fangirls, the job might seem like a dream come true, but from your point of view it was a nightmare. Despite his devilishly handsome looks and heart-warming voice, Taehyung was a spoiled, arrogant little brat. The only reason you continue to work for him is because the job pays well and includes nice benefits, like travelling the world. You still ask yourself if working for Taehyung is worth the money though.

"Minah!" You hear Taehyung's annoying voice call out from the next room.

You sigh softly and rush to the door of his changing room. You straighten your posture and slowly turn the knob, peeking your head in. The sight before you causes your face to heat up. Taehyung is standing in his underwear, his hair's a mess and his arms are folded across his chest.

"Yes?" You say calmly.

"Is this some kind of joke?" He holds up a ridiculously looking shirt. "Do you expect me to wear this?"

You keep yourself from making a smart remark. "I'm not the one who picked it out. Your stylist--"

"Go fire her." He states.

"But she's the only one--"


You nod your head and leave the room. On your way back to the tour bus, you think about how to break it to Mandy. She didn't deserve to be let go just because Taehyung didn't like one outfit she chose.

The bus driver greets you happily, but you only give a weak smile in return. You head to the back of the bus. Mandy is sorting through multiple piles of clothes. She looks completely exhausted. When she looks up, she smiles widely.

"Hey, Minah," she greets you politely. "What's up?"

You hesitate before speaking. "About Mr. Kim's outfit for the interview today..." You cringe internally at the formality. "What exactly were you thinking?"

"I thought the suit would be fine." Her eyebrows pull together.


"Yeah, I put it on the back of the chair in his his dressing room. It's in a black bag."

You thank her and quickly run back inside of the building. You can hear Taehyung yelling at some poor soul from the door to his room. Before you can even reach the door, a young woman throws it open angrily, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. You stare at her back for a moment, pitying her. A second later, you're in the dressing room again where Taehyung has yet to get dressed.

"Mr. Kim?" You say quietly, taking in the scene. There is a large stain of coffee and an empty cup on the carpet. "Mandy prepared a suit for you to wear today."

He looks at you for a second. "I don't see a suit. All that's here is this hideous shirt!"

You walk over to the chair where the black bag is lying neatly. You pick it up and unzip it, revealing the black suit. Taehyung rudely grabs the suit from your hand. You turn around as he slips into it.

"Why can't I find decent employees?" Taehyung grumbles.

"Maybe you're the problem," you mumble.

"What was that?"

Crap. You turn around slowly only to be met with fierce eyes staring back at you. Taehyung moves closer to you. You shrink back against the wall.

"N-nothing," you stammer.

Taehyung gives you one last looks before slipping on his suit jacket. He adjusts his tie just as someone knocks on the door. It's someone from the show informing Taehyung that he needs to be on the air in five minutes. Taehyung flashes a pleasant smile. The sight makes you wrinkle your nose in disgust. When the worker leaves, Taehyung turns to face you again.

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