Yoongi - Basketball Lesson

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"Yah! Keziah pass the ball!" Your teammates are shouting at you.

You glance around nervously and throw the ball. It flies over the heads of the player and lands outside of the court. The gym teacher blows the whistle, signaling that the other team gets the ball. Your teammates yell angry remarks at you and you apologize.

The coach blows the whistle again and the game resumes. You hated playing basketball. You weren't good at it and your classmates hated playing with you. It wasn't your fault though; no one ever taught you how to play. In school, the teacher expected you to already know the rules and be able to play well.

You stumble on the court, following after the other players. You try your best to block passes and get the ball, but the other team scores...again. That makes the score 3-14. You get the ball again and hear the students on the sidelines yelling for you to pass it to someone else. This time, you concentrate on one of your teammates and throw the ball directly at him. You watch as it travels in his direction. You feel proud until one of the members on the other team runs and snatches the ball. She quickly runs to the hoop and scores.

After a few minutes of playing, you get the ball once again. You feel confident this time, so instead of passing it, you dribble the ball to the net. Before you can reach the net, someone from the other team puts their foot out and you feel your feet leave the floor. You put your hands out in front of you before you hit the ground. The impact sends a sharp pain through your arm.

The coach blows the whistle once again and rushes over to your side. "Are you okay?"

You grab your wrist and wince in pain. "My wrist," you mumble.

"You should go to the nurse." The teacher helps you up. "Yoongi, make sure she gets there safely."

"What?" The star basketball player in your school, Min Yoongi, says. "Why me?"

"Because you're not doing anything," the teacher responds simply.

Yoongi sighs and sits up from his comfortable position on the bench. He rubs his eyes lazily and stares at you. You can hear whispers from your classmates but all you can pay attention to is the handsome boy on the bench.

He finally gets up and walks over to you. You bow to greet him but he continues walking. You huff and follow after him. Why is he so rude?

In the hall you quicken your pace to match his. He glances to the side at you, but remains silent.

"You don't have to escort me," you break the silence. "You can go back to napping."

Yoongi gives you a blank stare. He doesn't say anything and continues walking.

You find the silence uncomfortable so you speak again, "How are you so good at basketball?"

He stops suddenly and turns to face you. "Practice."

You nod your head and the two of you beginning walking again. You reach the nurse and turn to thank him. He pushes past you and opens the door. He kindly holds it open for you.

The nurse is nowhere to be found, so you sit in one of the waiting chairs. Yoongi walks over to a door and disappears through it. He returns a few seconds later with an ice pack. He takes the seat next to you. You watch as he gently grabs your arm and sits it on his knee. He places the ice pack on your wrist softly.

You are stunned and have no idea what to say, so you just sit there awkwardly. The nurse returns and examines the scene.

"Yoongi," she coos. "It's nice to see you taking care of a fellow classmate. You're such a gentleman."

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