Taehyung - Chicken Tender

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Tae: You're back?! Why did I find this out from Namjoon hyung?

You: I literally just got back. I haven't even talked to Namjoon yet. How did he know?

Tae: Doesn't matter. I told you to let me know as soon as you landed!

You: Must've slipped my mind.

You toss your phone onto the bed before flopping down lazily. It felt so good to be back in Korea. You missed your small, yet comfortable, apartment. Most importantly, you missed your friends, specifically Taehyung. Sure all of your friends were amazing, but Tae was different. This could have something to do with the possible crush that you have on him.

You push that thought aside and grab your phone again.

Tae: Slipped your mind?!

Tae: Aileen?

Tae: Answer me

Tae: Why are my messages still unread?

Tae: Stop ignoring me!

Tae: We're not friends anymore

Tae: Where'd you go? ㅠㅠ

You: Shhhhhh

Tae: So you were ignoring me

You: I was resting

Tae: There's no time for that. Call the girls. We're meeting in an hour at our place.

You: *2 hours

Tae: 2 hours.

You send a message to the group chat labeled "Area 51". Immediately, your two friends, Irene and Erin, send replies. You explain the plan to the girls briefly and begin to get ready.

The inside of your closet was still overflowing with clothes that you had decided against packing. You slip out of your jeans and try on a pair of shorts. Surprisingly, the waist band of the shorts are slightly too loose. You remove the shorts and throw them into the corner of the room. Next, you grab a pair of sweatpants. Despite the pants being a little too large, you decide to keep them on. You weren't trying to impress anyone anyway. You throw on a comfortable plain shirt and tie your hair up. With a quick glance in the mirror, you shrug. Good enough.

The weather outside is a little humid. You blink your eyes against the bright sun and begin your walk to the bus station. On your way, you are greeted by a few neighbors. You chat briefly with them before politely saying goodbye.

When the bus finally pulls up to your destination, you peer out of the window. All of your friends are standing in front of the building, talking amongst themselves. You quickly hurry toward the door, accidentally bumping into someone in the process. After apologizing, you proceed calmly off of the bus.

"Aileen!" Erin yells. She runs up to meet you halfway. You jump and wrap your legs and arms around her. "Don't leave me again."

You climb down while still holding her in your arms. She fixes her glasses as you speak. "I was gone for two weeks. Stop over-exaggerating."

The two of you walk back to the rest of the group.

"It was so boring without you." Irene smiles while giving you a hug.

"Aileen!" The guys greet you simultaneously.

Their screams draw attention. You apologize to the strangers and usher the group inside. The familiar smells and sounds of the bowling alley occupy your senses.

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