Jimin - Moving Day

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The weight of the two boxes stacked on top of each other almost causes you to fall. You know that they are way too heavy for you to carry on your own but you aren't going to give your parents the satisfaction of you admitting defeat.

Everything had been going perfectly back in your old town. You had the most amazing friends that completely accepted your weirdness and the perfect boyfriend. All of a sudden, your parents thought that it would be nice to have a fresh start for the summer, so they packed up everything and moved miles away from your old home to a secluded area in practically the middle of nowhere. There were barely any stores around and you hadn't seen a single person the entire drive. You weren't even sure if anyone lived in the house that was a good walking distance from yours.

"Are you sure you don't need any help with that?" Your father calls from the moving truck.

"I said I got it," you call back.

You adjust the boxes once again and continue to the stone walkway. Although the walk must have been less than a minute, it felt like much more than that because of the boxes constantly slipping from your grip. Your sisters rudely push past you and enter the house with small bags in their hands.

"I call this room!" One yells from upstairs.

You set the boxes down by the front door. "You can pick your rooms after I pick mine!" You yell to them.

The house was decent and had a lot of room. It was much nicer than your previous house, but that didn't make up for the fact that it was in the middle of nowhere. You travel up the stairs and scan the rooms. The largest one is obviously going to be your parents' room. You search for the second largest and smile widely when you find it. Your sisters are standing in the middle of it, arguing over who gets it.

"I'm claiming this one as mine," you state.

Your sisters begin to complain, but you give them a hard stare. They grumble amongst each other on the way out. The basics are already set up: a bed, desk and dresser. Your parents had come earlier in the week to move the furniture. You fall back onto the bed dramatically and smile in delight as it bounces you back up.

"Do you like it?" Your mother's voice comes from the doorway.

You quickly sit up and try to hide your smile. "It's okay. A lot more space."

"That's what we were going for," she pauses for a second. "I know this move has been hard on you the most, but your father and I think it's for the best."

You give her a small nod. "I'll try to adjust."

Your mother smiles widely. "Don't worry about the boxes. We'll finish bringing them in and you can go through them when you want." You nod again. "Why don't you go check out the backyard? It's really nice."

You stand up and follow her down the stairs. She leaves out the front door while you head toward the back. You peek your head into the living room to see one of your sisters sitting in the bay window. She turns and motions for you to sit next to her. You obey. Her hand lifts up and she points to something. Your eyes follow to where she's pointing.

From the window, you can see the neighbor's house across the stretch of flat land. You see a figure move in distance. Your gaze shifts to the neighbor's backyard. The window makes it a little difficult, but you can see the figure of a person moving around in the yard. It looks like the person is dancing.

You slide down from the seat and make your way to the back door. The yard is stunning with its many flowers and open space. You silently walk over to the fence surrounding the house. It's easier to see the person dancing. You determine that the person is most likely a guy.

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