Yoongi - TroubleMakers

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The sound of your motorcycle's engine is loud in your ears. You glance to the side to catch a glimpse of the blur of colors zooming past. Your gaze shifts back to the open road ahead of you and you smile beneath your helmet. You rev the engine, causing the vehicle to gain even more speed. As you approach one of the few curves on the mostly straight path, you consider your options. You could slow down and successfully round the corner or continue at your current speed and risk the dangerous possibilities awaiting you. The latter was obviously more favorable.

The turn was coming up quickly, but you kept your foot away from the brake. Your body leans to the right, as well as the motorcycle, and you brace yourself for the sharp turn. Success!

Your victory is short-lived as you notice the headlights of another vehicle from the opposite side of the road. Your foot automatically finds the brake and you slow the bike to an acceptable speed. As the new vehicle approaches, you realize that it, too, is also a motorcycle. It was pretty common for people to ride their motorcycles along this road since it was far out from the city and there were practically no cops to stop anyone.

The person passes you at such a speed that you feel the force of their motorcycle affect yours. You easily regain your balance and continue traveling at the normal speed. The screeching sound of tires sliding across the pavement from behind you peaks your interest. A glance in your rearview mirror tells you that the person from earlier is now behind you. You slow the motorcycle to an even slower speed, allowing the person to pull up beside you. They give you a quick glance and rev their engine. A smirk spreads across your mouth as you mentally accept the challenge. You lean forward, preparing yourself for the upcoming race.

There is no need for a starting signal. At exactly the same moment, both of you step on the gas with as much force as you can muster. You fall behind by just a few inches and mentally curse yourself. Sure racing was supposed to be fun and all but winning is all that mattered to you.

Up ahead, the road split into two paths: one below and one above. Just as the other rider approaches the divided road, you give your motorcycle an extra push. It zooms past your opponent and you lean to the right to take the upper path. Your surprise lead causes the other person to swerve left, barely missing the giant dirt pile splitting the upper and lower levels of the road.

You now have an incredible lead. Your quick thinking had left the other person behind. You figure that since the winner of the race has already been determined, you should end it. A sign signalling the entrance to a nearby town catches your attention. You stop the motorcycle just before the sign. A few moments later, second place pulls up beside you.

You step off of the bike and stand facing the other person. The person's hands lift up to remove the helmet. A beautiful blonde-haired boy emerges from the helmet. You stare at the obvious contrast between the dark clothing he is wearing and the pale color of his skin. Thankfully your helmet is tinted so he can't see you checking him out.

"You have some amazing bike riding skills," he comments while tucking the helmet under his arm. "Cutting me off like that was harsh though."

You remove your helmet from your head, allowing your hair to fall around your shoulders. "Now maybe you'll think twice before going up against me."

He lets out a soft laugh before extending his hand. "Yoongi, but I usually go by Suga."

"Karly." You give his hand a quick shake. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I have somewhere to be."

That was a partial lie. If you did have somewhere to be, you wouldn't be spending your time driving back and forth along a secluded road, but you were planning to take care of something. You just didn't know when the right time would be. In addition, being around Suga in such an abandoned place just made you nervous and eager to get away.

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