Hoseok - Laser Tag

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You jump out of your seat slightly as the van hits another bump. If you had known that the ride would be so uncomfortable, you would have thought again about accepting the offer. Taehyung, your childhood best friend, had invited you to play laser tag with BTS. After working so hard for their comeback, their manager thought it would be a good idea to have a day off and everyone agreed on laser tag.

Since this was your first time hanging out with all of the guys, you were kind of nervous. Sure you had met them all a few times when you stopped by the dorm, but this was the first actual time you would be doing something other than watching TV with all of them.

"Dulce," Taehyung calls from your left, "Why are you so quiet?"

You blush at the sudden attention and stay quiet. Taehyung pats your head and attempts to change the subject. You silently thank him.

After about ten minutes, the van comes to a stop. All eight of you exit the van and thank the driver. Taehyung grabs your hand and runs to the entrance of the building. There are a few vending machines and tables by the front desk and a play area for children.

"You guys go check us in," Taehyung turns toward the other members. "We have some 'important' business to take care of."

The other members look at the two of you curiously. Taehyung pulls you toward the play area. He lets go of your hand and runs happily to the stairs. You smile and follow after him. The two of you run around the play area for a few minutes until Seokjin comes to get you.

"Come on you two," he laughs.

You go down the slide one last time. Taehyung slides down right after you and grabs your hand again. He skips ahead of Seokjin to catch up with the rest of the boys.

When you reach the doors leading to the rest of the building you feel the excitement bubbling up in you. To your left is a mini bowling alley, pool tables and a snack bar. Straight ahead are a couple of arcade games. A sign to your right reads Laser Tag and there's a door underneath it.

Jimin and Hoseok exchange glances. You watch with amusement as they both sprint to the Dance Dance Revolution game across the room. They quickly toss their coins in and begin arguing over the songs.

"I'm going to the bathroom," Taehyung announces as he lets go of your hand. "Will you be okay by yourself?"

You give him a reassuring nod. He pats your head and walks off. You glance around and notice that there is no one else other than you and BTS. They must have rented the place out.

You wander over to Jimin and Hoseok having their intense dance off. They don't take notice of you as they continue to shout playful insults at each other. Your eyes drift to their feet and you watch in amazement at their synchronization. When the game is over, Hoseok is cheering loudly and Jimin is pouting.

"Your short legs couldn't keep up with mine," Hoseok laughs.

Jimin smacks his arm but smiles anyway. They finally turn around and notice you standing there.

"Dulce!" Hoseok yells. You smile awkwardly at him. "It's so weird seeing you without Tae. You're always around him." Jimin nods in agreement.

"Well he's the only one I really know here, so," you try to explain.

Hoseok nods his head in understanding. Jungkook walks past and waves at you. You wave back.

"Jungkook!" Jimin exclaims. "Let's play bowling."

Jungkook sighs and turns away from Jimin. He runs to the laser tag area and opens the door. Jimin is right behind him. You and Hoseok laugh as Jungkook tries to shut himself in the room while Jimin bangs on the door.

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