Yoongi - Confusion Part 2

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Two weeks have passed since Yoongi had kissed you. The dinner went surprising well and although you never realized it before, Yoongi had an incredibly sweet side to him. Before, you had liked him simply because of his nonchalant personality and badass attitude, but seeing this other side of him made you realize you didn't really know much about him.

"Yoonalia!" Seokjin yells into your ear. You jump slightly in surprise. "Pay attention."

You roll your eyes at your sassy friend. "I have my own problems too, you know?"

"Well mine are more important." He rolls over onto his back, making the bed creak. "Okay, so Namjoon is a total dork."

"Do you have any other information besides the obvious?"

"I wasn't finished!" He clears his throat. "I made dinner for him last night at his place and I thought it would be cute if he helped."

Your eyes widen. "You didn't."

"Why didn't you warn me?!"

"You didn't ask," you shrug.

Seokjin glares at you for a second. You smile widely at him in return. His phone begins to ring and you look at him as you recognize the song as Ride by SoMo.

"Namjoon?" You ask while laughing.

"Shut up," he mumbles. "I'm not answering that."

You quickly grab the phone and press the answer button.

"Hey Namjoon." You smile at Seokjin. "No, he's not busy at all...By his house?...He'll be there in twenty minutes."

You hang up and throw the phone to an angry Seokjin.

"Looks like you'll be leaving."

Seokjin stands and grabs his backpack. "I really hate you sometimes."

"Love you, too," you blow him a kiss.

"Where I am I going?" He pouts.

"He's waiting at the park by your house."

You walk Seokjin to the front door. When you open it, you're surprised to see Yoongi. He looks up at Seokjin and frowns.

"Your parents better be home." Yoongi fumes.

You smile innocently. "They're at work. It was just me and Jin here."

Yoongi grabs Seokjin by the shirt lightly and pulls him away from you. "What did I tell you?" Yoongi turns toward you.

You watch as Seokjin fixes his shirt and glares at Yoongi. "I'll do what I want." You answer.

"The only thing you're allowed to do is me." Yoongi smirks.

You blush suddenly and Seokjin starts to laugh. "I think it's time for you to go, Jin."

You give him a quick hug and wave goodbye. Yoongi grabs you by your waist, pulling you close. "You're mine."

Even though you are slowly becoming more distracted by Yoongi, you manage to speak. "Technically, you haven't really asked me out so I'm not really yours."

Yoongi leads you into the house and shuts the door with his foot. His hands are still on your waist and you're starting to get nervous. Yoongi's lips find your neck. He places soft kiss along your jaw, stopping at the corner of your mouth. Your breath hitches when his lips meet yours. The kiss starts off as a simple display of affection, but quickly turns passionate.

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