Hoseok - Hot Chocolate

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You look around and stuff your gloved hands into your jacket, shivering from the cold air that was coming from the open door into the big building filled with people from all over the world carrying their suitcases.

You're in a grumpy mood from the jet lag and the fact that your friend can't pick you up from the airport due to his own schedule. Instead, he was sending a friend of his to get you. It is your first time in Korea, so you need someone to help you around and his friend was the only trustworthy person he felt comfortable sending.

You huff and bury your face into the red scarf to warm your cold cheeks.

You feel a tap on your shoulder and glance over it. You see a casually dressed guy looking at you with a curious gaze.

"Are you Naiya?" He spoke, a white stream of smoke traveling from his mouth.

You blink and nod, "Are you Namjoon's friend?" You admit he is good-looking in his beanie and turtle neck.

"Yup, that's me! You can call me Hoseok, or.. whatever, but I bet you're cold! Let's get going before you freeze." He chuckles and grips the handle of your luggage, dragging it behind him. You nod firmly and get up, following him.

When you both make it outside, you realize it is way colder outside than in the airport because the cold air basically hit you like a train. You shudder and shuffle your feet behind him as he leads you to his car.

"Woah, nice car." You breathe as you lean back and forth on your heels, watching him put your suitcase in the trunk of his red Lamborghini.

"Thank you. It's my baby. My hope." He shuts the trunk and pats his car proudly with a grin. You can't help but crack a small smile.

"Get in before you freeze. I don't want Namjoon scolding me for freezing his cute little dongsaeng." He opens the door to the passenger seat and nudges you in, making you sit with a plop.

Cute. Even in the cold, your cheeks start getting warm and it feels peculiar to you. Did he call me cute, or Namjoon? You grimace at the thought of Namjoon calling you cute. It didn't feel right.

He starts the engine and turns on the heater. You heave a long sigh and lean your head back onto the seat. You examine the buildings and streets of Korea curiously.

The car comes to a halt as he reaches a red light and turns to you.

"Wanna listen to music?"

You turn to him and shrug, "Sure."

He taps a few buttons here and there and you hear GOT7's Confession Song start to play. Your feels almost cause you to squeal, but you bite your lip hard to prevent from doing so in front of him. Instead, you just have a huge grin on your face as the song plays.

"Do you like GOT7?" Hoseok glances at you and start driving again.

"Yup! Very much, actually." You nod quickly.

"I-I-I-I LOVE YOU. BABY I, I-I-I LOVE YOU." He suddenly sings. You are surprised and laugh at some of his voice cracks. His voice does sound nice though. He smiles at your laugh and parks outside of a coffee shop.

You stop laughing and look out the window. He unbuckles his seatbelt and looks at you with a smile. "Let's get hot chocolate!"

You gasp and unbuckle you seatbelt quickly, "Yes!" He laughs and gets out of the car, walking to your side and opening the door for you. You get out excitedly and you both walk into the cafe.

You welcome the warm air of the heater in the cafe with pleasure as you both stand in line.

He orders two hot chocolates with marshmallows and some sugar for the both of you and motions for you to pick a table. You sit down at a table for two next to the window, enjoying the scenery of Korea.

You hear him laugh again at your amusement and turn your attention towards him.

"I can see why Namjoon cares for you so much," he speaks softly and rests his cheek on his palm.

"Really? Why?" You reply obliviously. Namjoon doesn't really show you much affection or say things directly so you didn't really understand what Hoseok was talking about.

"I mean, you have a cute, innocent vibe around you. It makes me want to squish you and shower you with affection." You raise a brow and heat rises up to your cheeks. Oh gosh, it's already hot in here.

"R-Really? Thank you?" You fan your cheeks and calm yourself. Breathe in, and out. He lets out a cackle and gets up to get your hot chocolates as the cashier calls your order.

He comes back and slides you yours. You take in the sight and sweet smell of chocolate before taking the warm liquid into your mouth.

"Mm, so good." You mumble in delight.

"Marshmallow~" Hoseok sang in a high tone after your statement. You giggle as your hear snickers from tables around the two of you.

"Do you wanna go anywhere else before going to Namjoon's house?" He asks.

You ponder for a while before shrugging, "Anywhere's fine with me honestly. I don't know much about Korea yet, so you should show me around," you finish with a smile.

He nods. After finishing your drinks, he pays and you both go back to the car.

After a few minutes of turning left and right, you look around the destination.

"A toy store?? Really Hoseok?" You look at him with your eyebrows raise up.

"Wait..but, isn't this what girls like??" He scratches his head, unsure. "Ahh whatever, we'll find something here." He sighs as he unbuckles his seatbelt. He helps you out the car and enters the store.

When you enter, the Pororo Theme Song is playing and you see all kinds of toys. You look at him in disbelief and he just shrugs casually as he looks around.

You sigh happily and follow him as you look around yourself. Something quickly catches your attention. This is not okay, you're not suppose to play with toys Naiya!

You shake your head and avert your attention from the wolf plush sitting on the row full of toys. But I love EXO.

"You want this don't you, Naiya?" Hoseok asks with a smug smile. You watch him take the black and white wolf and observe it.

"Uh.." You glance at him unsure of how to answer.

"Just say it. I'll buy it for you."

"Okay, okay! Just buy it for me. Please." You say quickly causing him to laugh.

"Just think of it as a souvenir, Naiya. You could think of me whenever you look at it." He says and adds a wink at the end.

"Yeah, sure." You laugh as he pays for the wolf.

"Name it Jhope, okay? It's my codename." He explains after paying for it and pointing to the wolf.

"Alright." You smile and you both finally head to Namjoon's house.

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