Jimin - Anniversary Pt. 2

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"Why didn't you ask me out on Christmas?" you question.

Jimin opens an eye to look at you. You shift your position slightly to stare back at him. He tightens his grip around your waist and closes his eye again.

"Answer my question," you demand.

"Why do you wanna know?" Jimin mumbles.

"It would have been more romantic," you admit.

Jimin messes up your hair. "If I had asked you out on Christmas, I wouldn't have an excuse to buy you two gifts in one month."

"Seriously?" You laugh. "That's stupid."

"You're stupid." Jimin opens both of his eyes this time. "If I had waited until Christmas, I wouldn't have had the courage."

You slip your hand from underneath the blanket and pinch his cheek. "That's cute," you coo in that voice used only for babies and cute animals.

"Stop doing that," Jimin complains.

"Make. Me." You challenge.

Jimin raises an eyebrow. He untangles his body from yours and straddles you. He dips his head down and gently places his lips on your collarbone. Jimin leaves soft kisses from your collarbone to your neck. You lift your hands up to his back and leave a light trail of scratch marks. Jimin's fingers find their way into your hair.

"I hope you guys aren't having sex because I'm coming in!" Someone shouts from the front door.

"Shit," Jimin mutters. "Why now?"

The two of you hop out of bed and struggle to find your clothes. Just as you finish buttoning your pants, Leslie walks in.

"Damn," she sighs. "Missed it again. You could at least invite a girl."

"You're a pervert," you laugh while pulling her in close for a hug.

"I'll take that as a compliment." Leslie winks at you. She walks over to a very disatisfied looking Jimin. "Hey, handsome." She gives his butt a pat.

Jimin gives you a worried glance that you return with a chuckle.

Leslie claps her hands. "Now, for the real reason I'm here. Well, other than the fact that I live here." She glowers at Jimin for a moment and then returns to her cheery self. "We're going shopping!"

"Now?" Jimin asks.

Leslie gives him a blank stare. She turns to you. "This kid," she groans. "More butt than brains, am I right?"

"Don't let her insult me," Jimin whines.

You shrug. "Stand up for yourself."

"That's not gonna do much," Leslie comments.

You snort in an attempt to conceal your laughter. Jimin hates height jokes.

"Let's go!" Leslie grabs your arm and pulls you toward the front door.

"Wait," you call. "My shoes."

Leslie glances down at your feet and you wiggle your toes. Jimin tosses a pair of boots at you. They nearly fall, but you manage to catch them.

The three of you put on your coats and head out into the snow. Leslie's footprints litter the snow-covered walkway. You raise a perfectly plucked eyebrow at her. It looks as if she was running around in a circle before walking up to the door.

Leslie shrugs. "I was bored."

You shake your head and continue down the walkway. Leslie's tiny car was parked right in the front of the driveway.

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