Taehyung - Masquerade

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You check yourself out in the mirror once again. For tonight, you decided to wear a simple black dress that stops just above your knee. You added a thin silver belt and slipped on a sweater. Although you weren't glad to be going out tonight, you had to admit that you looked pretty good. You grab the silver mask and stuff it into your purse. Your friends had convinced you to go to this masquerade party. Normally, you don't go to places filled with people you don't know, but your friends insisted and you agreed.

Your phone rings, signaling that you received a text message. You read it: We're running a little late. You should head there without us. We'll text you when we get there.

You sigh in frustration. The whole reason you decided to go to this stupid party was because you were going with your friends. You don't even bother to text back.


The drive to the party was shorter than you expected. When you pull up to the banquet hall, you stay in the car for a while. The building is large with blue lights shining on it from all different directions. You think about just waiting in the car until your friends show up, but then decide that you would look really stupid just sitting in the car. You finally unbuckle your seat belt and pull the mask out of your purse. After putting it on, you adjust it while looking in the mirror. You open the car and step out. Here goes nothing.

The music from inside of the building can be heard from the parking lot. You look around and notice other people walking toward the entrance. Most of them are couples or groups of friends. You feel out of place and almost run back toward the car, but you don't.

Inside, the setup is beautiful. Blue and purple lights shine from the ceiling. There are circular tables with white cloths surrounding the dance floor. To the right, a large table holds snacks and drinks. You find an empty table close to the food, taking off your sweater and setting down your purse. You look around and observe the people already here. The dance floor is already filling up and there are only a few people sitting at tables.

"Hello there," you hear someone say from behind you.

You spin around in your seat. A man is leaning on the snack table with his head near a bowl. You look closely and see that he has two shrimps in his hand. He's smiling happily at them and talking to them in some language that you don't understand. You're not sure if he's speaking an actual language at all. Before you can turn away, he shifts his attention to you. You can't see much of his features except for the precious smile on his face. Everything else is hidden behind a mask.

"Shrimp?" He asks, holding one out to you.

"No, thanks," you say, still a little weirded out by the fact that he was talking to food.

"I'm Taehyung." He pops both shrimps in his mouth.


Taehyung walks around to the other side of the table and sits. He places his elbows on the table and puts his chin in his hands. His cheeks stretch upward, squeezing his face in a weird but cute way. "Why are you here all alone?"

"My friends should be here soon. They had something to do," you respond, watching Taehyung tilt his head from side to side.

He stands up again and comes up behind you. "You have really pretty hair." He grabs two pieces of your hair and starts to play with them.

You have no idea what to do so you just thank him. A slow song begins to play and he drops your hair. You watch as he smiles widely and begins to sway back and forth.

"Can I have this dance?" He asks.

Taehyung doesn't wait for you to respond. He pulls you up and drags you to the dance floor. He places his hands around your waist. When you don't move he grabs your hands and positions them around his neck. His hands find their way back to your waist. You feel awkward since you just met Taehyung but it was better than sitting alone.

Surprisingly, Taehyung was a great dancer. He moves naturally to the beat and even makes you look good, too. You look up and notice that Taehyung is staring at you. You try to look away, but he lifts his hand to your face and turns it to him.

"You have really beautiful eyes, Sabrina," he says with a smile. You thank him shyly. "I bet your face is just as beautiful."

Your hand instinctively reaches for your mask. Taehyung laughs and removes his mask. You stare in amazement. How could a simple mask hide such a handsome face?

He ruffles his hair cutely. His hand covers your hand that is holding the mask to your face. You allow him to begin to remove it, but he doesn't get the chance to fully take it off.

"Sabrina?" A familiar voice sounds from behind you. You turn around to see your three friends watching you. "Is that you?"

You turn back to Taehyung. "I have to go."

He pouts and then smiles before saying, "Enjoy the rest of your night."

He vanishes into the crowd. You walk over to your friends standing at the beginning of the dance floor.

"We want all the details later," one says. You nod your head in understanding.

"I have to go get my stuff," you say and turn away from them.

Some people have taken seats at the table that held your belongings. You greet them politely and grab your things. When you return to your friends they motion for you to sit.

"What's that smell?" One of them says. You look to your friend and shrug.

Something in your purse catches your attention. A balled up napkin is sitting on top of your items. You pull it out carefully and unwrap it. Inside of the napkin, you find a whole handful of shrimps. You laugh out loud, causing some people to stare at you. Then you notice another napkin. On this one, a phone number is written.

You look around for Taehyung. He's standing by the entrance watching you. He sends you a wink before disappearing through the door. You look down at the shrimps again and eat one. You friends are watching you strangely.

"Shrimp?" You ask your friends with a smile on your face.

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