Seokjin - Assassin

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You take your position at the top of the building. It's much warmer on the rooftop than it is out on the streets. The sun is beating down on you and it's amplified since you are wearing all black.

You wipe the sweat from your forehead and slip the mask on your face. It's suffocating. You grab the heavy sniper and position it at the edge of the building. You crouch down behind the wall and check the time. 2:30. It's time.

The door of the hotel from across the street opens. Your target walks out and you move into place. With your eye close to the scope, you're able to get a better look at the man. He's dressed in dark clothing and has a cap on his head, but you can clearly see that he's the one from the picture that you received in the mail just weeks before.

The man begins to walk down the sidewalk and your finger moves to the trigger. For a moment, you hesitate. You've done this plenty of times before and you figured that it would get easier, but it doesn't.

You focus once again on the task at hand and take the shot. The man falls to the ground. You pack up your equipment and head back to headquarters.


"Great work today!" Hojoon, your boss, says on your way through the door.

You bow your head politely but remain silent. He motions for you to follow him into his office. On the way, you're greeted by several other people who work at headquarters. You wish that you could have a desk job like many of them and be oblivious to what Hojoon truly uses his research for.

"I have your new assignment," Hojoon states as he takes a seat at the large desk.

You watch as he pulls out a folder and slides it across the desk to you. You don't bother taking a seat. Instead, you grab the folder and peer at its contents. The face of your next target peeks your interest. He was exceptionally gorgeous with his light golden brown hair and full pink lips. He doesn't look like the usual criminals that you're assigned to take out.

"His name is Kim Seokjin." Hojoon's voice pulls you back into reality. "His father is one of the biggest drug lords in the country, so we need to take him out."

You look up from Seokjin's profile. "What does his father's work have to do with him?"

Hojoon raises an eyebrow. "You're lucky that we've worked together for so long because if anyone else questioned my orders, I'd have them executed." You apologize quickly. "Recently, large amounts of money have been transferred into Seokjin's account. His father is ill and is on his deathbed. We have reason to believe that Seokjin will be taking over the business soon and I plan to put an end to this before it even starts."

"I'll take care of him," you reply.

Hojoon gives you a bored head nod and waves his hand. You excuse yourself, tuck the folder underneath your arm and head home.


You glance over your shades at the boy coming out of the office building. He turns his back to you and continues down the street. A quick look at him tells you that he is indeed Kim Seokjin. You don't hesitate to follow after him. He walks slowly, turning his head from side to side, taking in the view of the city. You keep your distance from him for a good fifteen minutes. He rounds a nearby corner and you speed up to catch up with him. When you turn the corner, you slam into a solid figure.

"Why are you following me?" He asks with an amused expression.

You hesitate for a second, caught off guard by his kind smile. "I thought you were someone I knew."

"Why didn't you just stop me."

"To save myself from the embarrassment if you weren't him, which you're clearly not."

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