Hoseok - Water Fight

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"Hobi, where are my underwear?" You ask while staring at your empty drawer.

Hoseok comes skipping into the room. He stares at you for a second and you automatically tighten your grip on the towel wrapped around you. He smirks at you.

"I got you new ones," he says happily. He holds up a pair of lace panties.

"Where's the rest of them?"

This causes Hoseok to laugh. "This is it."

You roll your eyes at him. "I'm not wearing those. Now tell me where my underwear are."

Hoseok pouts and throws the skimpy underwear onto the bed. "They're in the box in the closet."

You shuffle over to the closet, fully aware of Hoseok's eyes following you. There's a few boxes laying around the bedroom, but there's only one in the closet. You sigh gratefully as you open it to reveal your preferred type of underwear.

"We should start unpacking," you suggest.

It had only been two days since you and Hoseok had moved into your new home. You two had been together for three years and had finally decided to move in together to see how well it would work. You were secretly hoping that he would ask you to marry him soon.

Hoseok walks over to you and snatches the panties from you. "How about we unpack later?" He gives you a suggestive smirk.

You snatch your belongings back, pick up your outfit from the bed and walk toward the bathroom. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Yeonjung," Hoseok calls.

You pause at the door. "Yes?"

"I have a surprise for you."

This peaks your interest. "What is it?"

"You'll find out later. Get dressed first."

You give him a nod and continue to the bathroom. It doesn't take long for you to get dressed. When you go back to your room, Hoseok isn't there.

"Hobi?" You call out but don't get an answer.

You walk over to the mirror in your room and fix up your hair. When you feel as though you look decent enough, you sit down on the bed. You notice a piece of paper lying on the table beside the bed. You pick it up and read it:

You're probably not hungry, but you should look in the refrigerator anyway.

The note brings a smile to your face. You slide off of the bed and slip the note into your back pocket. As you make your way to the kitchen, you see arrows drawn on paper pointing toward your destination. When you finally reach the kitchen, there's a large sign on the door that says: OPEN ME!

You do as the sign says. There is a large bucket of water balloons sitting on the middle shelf with another note attached. It says: I have mine already. Next stop: the front door.

The bucket it a little heavy since there's at least thirty balloons in there. You carry it all the way to the front door. When you open the door, you're surprised to see a huge water gun waiting for you. You grab the note attached to it and read it:

You have ten seconds to run.

You look around quickly but don't see Hoseok anywhere. After slipping that note into your pocket, you grab the bucket and the water gun and try to run toward the back of the house. Before you can round the corner, a water balloon hits the side of the house. The water splashes on you. You turn around just in time to see a second one coming toward you. This time you slip around the corner.

"Don't hide!" Hoseok yells from the front of the house.

You crouch down and drop the bucket and water gun. You grab two of the balloons and peek around the side of the house. Hoseok is kneeling behind the giant tree in your front yard. You bring your arm back and launch the balloon as hard as you can. It lands a few inches away from him in the grass but splashes him with water. You take the chance to throw another one but he quickly goes behind the tree.

You pick up your weapons and run to the back of the house. The only cover you really could find is the bushes leading to the patio. You try to make a run for them but Hoseok is already right behind you. He tosses another balloon at you and hits you in the back. You gasp as the cold water hits you.

"You're going to pay for that," you warn him.

When you turn around he has a wide-eyed expression on his face. You use this opportunity to throw another balloon. This time you hit him in the chest. He quickly recovers from the attack and responds with his own balloons.

The two of you laugh and pelt each other with water balloons until they're all gone. Hoseok runs out first so he switches to the water gun before you can.

"Wait," you scream while laughing. "That's not fair."

He ignores you and continues to spray you. You make your way over to the patio, trying to keep your distance from him and trying to spray him with the water gun at the same time. He's smiling widely as he run toward you, still constantly shooting water at you. You turn your back to the streams of water and spot something that will turn the situation around: a water hose.

You abandon the water gun, grab the hose from its position on the ground and turn the knob. By now, Hoseok has stopped spraying you and is watching you.

"Whoa," he says with his hands up in surrender. "We could talk this out."

You give him an amused smile and put your finger on the trigger. Hoseok tries to back away but it's too late. You press down and a long stream of water shoots out. It drenches Hoseok and he tries to run for cover. You run after him laughing loudly.

After a couple of minutes of chasing him around, you decide to stop. Hoseok stomps over to you. You smile up at him and run a hand through his wet hair.

"I think this round goes to me," you say proudly.

"The hose wasn't apart of the game," Hoseok pouts.

"You never set any rules."

He takes a step closer to you. "I'll have to remember that for next time."

You lace your hands with his. "Thanks, Hobi."

"I have one more surprise for you," he adds. You watch as he takes another water balloon from his jacket pocket. "Open your hands."

You do as he says. He takes the water balloon and allows it to hover over your hand. He carefully pulls out a small pin from his other pocket. He pops the balloon and the water spills onto your hands. When the water clears, your see a sparkling diamond ring in your hands.

"Hoseok," you say quietly.

"I want to have hundreds of water fights with you for the rest of my life." He gives you a heartwarming smile.

You go to slip the ring onto your finger but he grabs it before you can. He places it gently on your finger. You stare at it and then him. He leans down but before he can get any closer you hear a chuckle from behind you. You turn around to see your neighbor watching from over the fence.

"I remember when me and my wife were like you two," he says. "I can tell you kids are gonna be happy for a long time."

You look at Hoseok and smile to yourself. "Let's go get changed and unpacked."

Hoseok gives you a nod in response and the two of you wave to your neighbor before heading back into the house. 

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