Yoongi - Arranged Marriage

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"Alia," your mother gasps. She links arms with your father and smiles widely. "You look beautiful."

You glance in the mirror, avoiding the approving looks of your parents and the shop owner. You had to admit, you did look pretty good. When your mom first suggested wedding dress shopping, you weren't as enthusiastic as your parents were.

"Yoongi will be so happy to see you in your dress," your mother gushes.

You frown slightly at the mention of your fiancé. Yoongi was, in every way possible, perfect and it was your dream to someday become his wife, but not exactly in this way. Before your parents had suggested the wedding, you had tried just about everything to get his attention, even exchanging your converses for heels, but nothing worked. When your parents and Yoongi's parents had arranged for the two of you to be marriage one week from today, you were ecstatic. You didn't mind in the least, but Yoongi's reaction was quite the opposite. He was furious and even looked a little disappointed, which made you feel bad.

"Can we leave?" You ask quietly.

You don't wait for an answer and you step away from the mirror and head to the small dressing room. After changing out of the dress, you hand it to your parents and tell them that you'll meet them later for dinner at Yoongi's house.

Outside, the weather was unusually hot for October, but you don't mind. You glance around the shopping complex, looking for something interesting. A neon sign flashing the word Arcade catches your attention and you head toward it.

You walk around the inside for a while, watching enviously as couples play games together. It would be nice if Yoongi liked me back.

As you think of Yoongi, you see a flash of familiar brown hair. You turn in the direction of the hair and immediately recognize your husband-to-be. You quickly hide behind the closest machine and take a minute to watch him in awe. How is it possible for a person to look so good?

Yoongi doesn't notice you and continues to walk toward a claw machine. He has two drinks in his hand and a huge smile on his face. Seeing Yoongi smile makes your heart flutter. It's such a beautiful yet rare thing to see.

He stops in front of the claw machine and you can only see him since you were hiding behind another machine. Yoongi holds up one of the drinks and you see someone's hand reach up to grab it. You peek your head out from your hiding space. A girl smiles as she sips the drink that Yoongi gave her. He quickly dips his head and pecks her lips.

A feeling of jealousy fills your chest. You are supposed to be getting married to Yoongi in a week, but he's out wandering around in public with his girlfriend. He should have already broken up with her.

Yoongi breaks eye contact with her and looks around. His gaze meets yours and his smile drops. You quickly walk out of the arcade.

"Alia!" You hear Yoongi call from behind you. "Wait!"

You break into a sprint, rounding the nearest corner and slipping into a nearby store. A few seconds later, you see Yoongi run past. He stops near the store and looks around. When he doesn't see you, he shakes his head and heads back the way he came. You let out a sigh and turn around. The shop that you had entered appeared to be a lingerie shop. You push the door open and leave, hoping that no one you knew was around to see you exiting a lingerie shop. It's not like anything in there would be of use to you.


That evening, you walk home after hours of wandering the streets aimlessly. You come home to an empty house. Your parents must have already left for dinner. It doesn't take you long to shower and change into a more formal outfit for the dinner, but you don't leave immediately. Instead, you relax on your bed, worrying about how you're supposed to face Yoongi.

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