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ti n a

t w o m o n t h s l a t e r

  Watching the trees go by in a blur, with my head leaned back on the car seat. I turned my head to the left, and looked at Jason. Looking down at his right hand I grab it and entwine our fingers together. He looked down at our hands, and smiled lightly.

   "How are you feeling baby girl?"

I sighed, and thought for a second about how I felt because honestly I don't know how I was feeling.

  "Baby honestly I don't know? I'm happy, nervous, and sad?" I told him, truthfully my emotion are jumbled up ever where.

  "I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about our baby, and how she or he going to be loved, and spoiled." I looked at Jason he shook his head.

  "I don't want a spoiled child I want our child to earn what they worked for." He was right I didn't want a spoiled brat, but I was still going to spoil my baby.

"Jason you know damn well you going to spoil our baby," I laughed.

"How do you know that?" He asked me, that was a easy question.

"I know because you spoil me, and why wouldn't you spoil your child?" I said looking at him.

  He just laughed and shook his head. I turned my head and looked back out the window, I closed my eyes, and listened to the radio music, and slowly feel asleep.

   "Baby girl we're here,"I was slightly shook to wake up, and I wined. I was sleepy and didn't want to get out of the car.

  "Okay I'm up," I said and got out of the car with Jason's helping hand. I shut the door behind me, and we walk up to double doors.

"Are you ready?" Jason asked me, and I looked at him.

"No are you ready?" I said, and laughed.

"Lets makes this clear Jason McCann always ready, you got that?" I punched his arm, and walked to the counter.

"Appointment for Tena smith?" I said to the older lady that was at least in her fifties.
"Oh, yes come right through here." She said getting up, and going to the back door leading Jason and I to a room with the number three on it.

"Have a seat in here, and your doctor will be in here shortly." We nodded our heads.

"Thank you." Jason came up and sat on the edge on the bed thing while I laid on it. I pulled out my phone and handed it to Jason.

  "Take a picture of us it's our first ultrasound." He grabbed it, and opened the front camera.

  "Ready? 123," he took the picture, and took dozens more. He handed me back my phone, and I looked at all the pictures and found the one that I like the best and set it as my screensaver.

What seem like forever the doctor finally knocked on the door. "Finally fucking-ly." Jason said under his breath.

"Come in." I said softly, and the door opened, and in walked in my doctor, and boy he was fine. I looked over to Jason, and he huffed, and I softly giggled at him.

"Hello, how are you doing?" Said Dr. Mcdreamy.

"I am doing good Dr..."

"White, Dr. White." I looked at Jason and annoyed.


Leaving the doctors office Jason and I went to pick up some Mexican food. The doctors visit was great Jason was ready to go but he was happy our baby was doing great.

"Hey baby girl I have to show you something..." He traveled off turning on aodd street.

"Okay what is it?" I asked him.

"What if I told you... I bought us a house?" I looked at him confused.

"What are you talking about Jason?" I said looking at him.

"I bought us a house... Duhh I thought maybe you were catching my drift, but you weren't, but that's my fault I know you're slow..." my mouth dropped up, and I punched him in his arm.

"Fuck you ugly," I told him facing forward, and my mouth dropped open

"Jason please tell me this isn't our house?"

"Oh, but baby girl it is, do you wanna go inside?" he asked me parking the car turning it off.

"Um Yes!" I said yelled excited.

  We got out of the car together, and walked towards the big house, I can't believe Jason would go all out for us this is literally to much for three.

"Here's your key," I looked at the purple key, that said hers I smiled and giggled because of how typical that was.

I opened the door and gasped, this wasn't no ordinary house this was like a Mansion, and it was amazing but I just felt it was too much.

"Do you like it?" He asked me.

"Well of course I like it, but Jason don't you think it's to much for only two well about to be three?" I asked him.

"Yes and no, and when we move in here you'll understand, and you'll be happy that our home is the size that it is." He told me, and we walked further into the house looking at it. Jason showing me the rooms, and we picked out the baby's room, and the got me excited.

"You ready to go?" And I nodded,  was getting very tired, and my feet were killing me.

  "Yes I'm getting tired, and wore out." He nodded his head, and walked over to me, and picked me and I wrapped my hands around his neck, and my legs around his waist laying my head down on him.

That was the last thing I remembered before I fell asleep.


"Gloria do you want to go shopping I feel like I need to do something." I asked her speaking to her on the phone.

  "Yeah I would love that I've been bored to," she said yawning.

"Okay well I'm about to come pick you up." With that I hung up, and got out of my bed.

  "Baby!" I yelled, but he didn't answer.

I walked downstairs to find no one.

 "Okayyy," I said to myself, and grabbed my keys, and coat and walked out the door.

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