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Jason and I have been driving for about twenty minutes, and for a person who wants to explain a very important situation, he's not doing it very well.

He's just been telling me to turn, and keep straight, and then turn again. I hope he's not going to kill, was I dumb to get in a car with him. It was dark outside and not a lot of people weren't out, so if wanted to he could have killed me now, nobody would have known.

"Jason?" He turned and looked at me.


"Umm are you like going to kill me, because if so you can-"

"Wait what?" He said and his face scrunched together. "You think that I'm about to kill you? Wow Tina I couldn't do that even if I was able to, which I am." He said he sounded a little bit disappointed in me, because I thought he was going to kill me.

"Well I'm in a car with a killer, and it's night wouldn't you be scared for your life also?" I told I mean many people wouldn't even gotten in the car with him, they would have called the cops long time ago. I looked at Jason face it had a little hurt in it.

"Look Jason I'm sorry it's just-"

"No, no you're right," he said and looked out the window,"turn over here and stop." He pointed, and I did as he said, we pulled up to a beautiful view you could see the whole city, the lights were so pretty.

We got out the car and Jason walked towards me,"So about this talk, it's kind of a long story, but it's kind of not."he said and I laughed a little, he was nervous and it was cute, for some reason I can't stay mad at him.

"Well start talking," I said grabbing his hand, and pulling him down so I was  sitting on the ground next to him.

"Well it all started the year my mother got sick, I didn't have any money I was broke no one wanted to hire me, so one day my friend came to me like aye yo Jason I meet this guy that need workers and I know you're struggling to find a job, so I told him about you," he said.

"Yes before all this I use to steal stuff from stores, and rob people houses, but it just wasn't enough for me, so when my friend told me about the guy and how he needed workers I was automatically wanted the job not caring what It was," said and looked down and then continued talking.

"So my friend and I went to the guys place, and we talked I didn't know exactly what the jobs was, but once he told me I was a little bit uncomfortable, but got over it because I needed the money for my mom bills and stuff."

I looked at Justin and began speaking,"I know your mothers deceased and all, but do you still work with these people?" I asked him, because if he doesn't need to worry about his mother bills he doesn't  have to work for these people.

"Yes I still work with these people," he said running a hand through his hair.


"Because once your in you can't leave unless you're dead, and I'm not dead so I'm still in." He said getting up and pulling out a hand for me to grab onto.

Well if I was in the same position as him, I would have done the same thing to get my mother back healthy, so I can't really stay mad at him, and it's not his fault he can't leave.

"Jason I guess I'm sort of okay with you I just don't like the fact that you kill another human being," I said getting in my car.

He got in the car also and responded to what I said," and you think I don't? But the people I kill are bad people, but I'm a bad person to really but not as bad as them."

I just nodded my head I won't snitch on him, but if he ever got caught I probably would be sad, and not because he really didn't have to get his self into it he could have got a normal job.

"So all the people that live with you do the same thing as you?"

"Yes they do, I'm in a gang Tina and the biggest one in this area code, and state really."

"So are you okay with me Tina I know you're still uncomfortable around me, but I understand who wouldn't?"

"Yes I'm okay with you, Jason."

"To make you a little comfortable, I only kill them when I have to I only killed about ten people not a hundred, my job is to only sell drugs really." He said.

I pulled up in Jason driveway, and we got out the car, and went in the house the guys that walked in on Jason and I were in the living room, when we got in fully the house the dude Derek was staring me down.

"I see she has forgave you already," Derek said, and chuckled, I wonder what was funny for some reason I'm starting not to like him.

"Shut the fuck up Derek!" Jason yelled at him, and flipped him off, Jason grabbed my hand and led me to the love chair, he sat down and pulled me on top of him, I fidget a little.

"Baby girl don't do that," he said in a whisper so only I could hear. I just nodded my head and sat still in his lap.

"So Jason are you not going to introduce us to her?" I guy with brown curly hair said.

"Um sure I guess," he pointed to the guy that spoke first,"That's Tim he's the second oldest in the household, the oldest in the household is gone for right now," he said.

"That one is Steve that's the one I dropped off at school, the day you said you were going to call the cops on me," he said and pointed at a guy with jet black hair he was cute.

"Hey," he said and waved at me, I waved back.

"And you know Derek," he said like he wasn't interested into introducing me to him.

"And this Tina, you guys should know that by now," Jason said, I looked at all the guys in the living room, none of them were ugly they were all sexy as hell if you asked me, but my eyes were just on Jason.

"So when is Ron on his way back?" Asked Steve asking one of them in the room.

The rest of the night was short conversation with the guys, and Jason And I cuddling watching movies.

A/N: sorry guys schools is already killing me and it's only the first week, I have 3 A's and 1 B in Chinese sad, oh thank you guys so much for the 1.24k reads love you so much. Do you think Tina is stupid for forgiving Jason?

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