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"Um I met him at work a couple days ago..." I drifted off. I grabbed my phone from him and cleared out my recents, and gave it back to him.

"How do you know Jason?" I asked him furrowing my eyebrows, he shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

"Well he came to the hospital a lot, because his mother was ill, she had a brain tumor, and well things weren't looking good for her, she died a year ago, I helped him through it told him it wasn't easy to lose a parent." I looked at Josh shocked, wow I know how it feels to lose a parent, I lost two.

"Oh my god, that sucks." I told Josh shaking my head looking down.

"Yeah, he was a sweet kid, I haven't seen him since, I was thinking about letting him stay with us even though he was old enough to live on his own, but I never got the chance to ask him, he never showed back up at the hospital." why didn't I know about this?

"Why didn't you tell me this?" I asked crossing my arms.

"Well it never happened I forgot, so I didn't tell you, so how is he doing?" My brother asked, I tell you one thing about my brother is that he is one caring person, and has a kind heart, and I love him for that.

At first when he said Jason's name I thought something bad was going to happen like, you can't see him no more he's no good for you. Don't hang around with people like him, but how could I think that my brother doesn't judge people, he looks for the positive side in people not the negative.

"Um he's doing great, if you want to ever speak to him, I could call him and tell him to come over, I'm pretty sure he would like to see you again." I told him, my brother smiled at me.

"I would like that." he said

"Well let me make this call, I'll give you your phone back in a little bit."

"Okay I'll be upstairs in my room."


"Yes I'm at the mall." I told Josh I forgot to tell him I was going school shopping and he kind of freaked, because I didn't tell him oops.

"Well you be careful, love you little girl."

"Love you, bye." I hung up the phone.

I parked my car in the mall parking lot, here we go, I'm glad this is my last year of high school, but I have college to go to.


I get out of the car, and grabbed my purse, and went inside the mall.

I go to a shoe store first, then clothing stores, and went to go get something to eat.

I want to a little pizzeria that was inside the mall and got a pepperoni pizza and some breadsticks with cheese. When I walked back to my car I saw Becky walking towards me, I got in my car so fast, and locked it.

Becky started tapping on my window. "Tina can you please roll the window," my brother was right, she does look sick, that's what drugs do to you I guess.

I huffed and rolled down my window, "what do you want Becky?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"I know you don't want to talk to me, I don't blame you, but I got some of Jason's money, and I wanted you to give it to him." She said handing me a bag of money, I opened the bag to make sure it was real money in there.

"Why do you want me to give it to him? Why can't you do it?" I asked her putting the bag the passenger seat.

"Because I'm scared of him, and no matter how mad you are at me, you would still help a friend out." She was right, but I wasn't going to give my money to give to Jason.

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