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T i n a

   I looked at them with an outraged face inching closer to them, but Jason stopped me knowing what was about to go down. Jason wrapped his arms around my body, snuggling his head between my neck.

  "Calm down baby girl, don't do something you might regret." He whisper into my ear, and I nodded. I sighed and looked at the "couple" and put back my stern face.

"When the hell did this shit happen? Why the FUCK did it happen?" I asked them yelling.

"T just calm down, and let me explain." Josh told me with his hands out moving up and down, telling me to calm down.

I crossed my hands and rolled my eyes, and looked at the both of them, Josh was in some grey Nike sweats, and a white shirt, and Becky in a Baggie shirt, and some sweats also. I honestly didn't want to sit here and listen to their bs, but then again I did.

"I'm listening," I told them folding my arms.

"Well it started a few months ago-" I stopped him right there.

"And this is where you have me lost already, so you're telling me you cheated on Cecelia?" He sighed, and looked sad, but nodded his head.

"How can you cheat on a great woman, for her?" I said pointing at the slut that is now caring my brothers baby.

"Tina! Why are you so mean to me now!" She said to me with a sad face.

"You know the damn reason why I don't like you don't act all innocent Becky! Why you even speaking to me anyways?" She looked at me opening and closing her mouth, but didn't say anything.

  "Well explain more Josh, because I still liked to hear this."

"Well there isn't much to tell it just kind of happened, I got drunk one day, and saw her we talked, and one thing led to another and we had sex." I made a disgusted face.

"And she is here, because she has no where to go her parents kicked her out the house, and I'm the father, so she is going to stay here..." I paused, and smile.

"Great she can stay here as long as she wants," I said.

"Babe are you sure," Jason said, I forgot that he was even here.

"Oh yeah I'm sure, but as long as she here I'm not staying." I said looking Josh, and the look on his face made me happy.

"Where you going to stay at Tina? You are not leaving!" Josh said angry stomping his foot around.

"Yes I am the last time I checked I was eighteen, and I'm staying with Jason simple." I said pointing at him smiling.

  "Come Jason I'm ready to go, and you little bitch, you better stay out my clothes, if I see anything missing from out of my room I'm beating the shit out of both of Yall." I said walking upstairs to gather my belongings.

  "You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine it's just Josh just doesn't know what he has gotten himself into, but he's a grown man I can't tell him what to do, you don't mind me staying with you, right?" I asked Jason making sure it was okay.

"Yeah I mean we stay at my own house move in there with me, or we can stay at the main house where everyone else stays."

  "I'll stay at the main house where everyone else is." I told him grabbing my belongings. I just know I won't be staying here for a while.

"You ready? Because I'm ready to get the hell up out of here before I put my hands on one of them." I told him laughing.

"Yeah let's go." We grabbed my things and left the house without saying bye.


"Baby girl?" I looked up at Jason dripping wet in white fluffy towel covering his manhood.


"The boys and I are going to go out to make this money real quick, do you mind staying here for a little by yourself?" I looked at him with a really face while he was putting on clothes.

"Now you know I've been here by myself before, I don't care, but be careful," he leaned down and pecked my lips.

"I will, do you want anything when I come back?" I nodded my head.

"I want a bag of chips, a lot of chocolate, and Shrimp fried rice." I told him and smiled.

"Weird ass combination, but okay love you," he said and walked out.

"Don't forget to lock up!" He shouted from downstairs, and then I heard the door shut. I sighed and looked around already bored, I don't want to be here by myself.

  Oh I can call Gloria and see if she wants to hangout. I looked around for my phone, but I couldn't find it. The last place I had it was on the bed, but wasn't there anymore. I checked under the bed, and crawled under it.

  I found my phone by a box that had writing on it. I grabbed my phone, but I got curious, and grabbed the box also.

The box had hearts, and lovey dove-y quotes on the box, I wanted to opened the box, but it was locked shut which kind of pissed me off. I got off of the bed, and placed the box down.

"If I were Jason where would I put the key?" I thought to myself. I looked all over for the key, I eventually gave up, and came to the conclusion that I'll just ask him when he gets back, instead of being that sneaky girlfriend.

I called Gloria and asked if she wanted to come over, and she didn't mind, I told her to bring drinks and snacks, and I'll order pizza.


  Sorry guys this chapter is kind of a filler, and it kind of sucks but I had to post something it's been a month.

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