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T i n a

"I honestly wanted to punch her in the face, I doubt Josh is the father, if he is I'll be shocked." I said sipping on my sprite.
"So you're staying here now?" Gloria asked looking around the living room. " I wouldn't mind living here this is a gorgeous house."

"Yeah it is I'll probably be alone here half the time." I told her grabbing another slice of pizza.

"Who all lives here?" Gloria asked.

"Um Jason, Ron, Steve, Derek, Tim, and me." I told her.

"Wow are they hot?" I laughed at her.

"Yeah I'm not even going to lie, but I only pay attention to my baby boy."I laughed.

"Damn Tina give me the hook up." She said laughing.

"I will if you want me to I feel like you would like Tim, but he's older." I told her truthfully I feel like she would like him, he's sweet, caring, and doesn't take no shit.

"What does he look like?"

"He has brown hair, and blue eyes he did have curly hair but he cut it."

"Aww I could of had something to grip on." I laughed at what she said and threw a gummy bear at her face.

  "Stop!" I said.

"They should be back." Right when I said that a big ass thunder sound happened and the lights cut off.

"Fucking great!" I got up and looked out the window, there was a storm.

"I'm about to call Jason, and see if they are okay." I picked up my phone and dialed Jason up.

"Hey is everything alright over there?" Jason asked.

"Yeah we're fine, but the lights are off." I told him while looking for a candle or flashlight.

"Do you guys have any flashlights or candles?" He didn't reply I heard him ask in the background asking if they had any.

"Derek has a flashlight in his room, and Tim does too, just look in their rooms, and we'll be on our way back."

"Alright you guys be careful, love you."

"Love you too." I hung up after that.

"Gloria help me find these flashlight in Tim's and Derek's room." She said okay and we went into their rooms and got them.

"Found it."


"Tina I hate the fucking dark, how long will it be until they get here?" She asked me.

"I don't know they should be here by now." I picked up my phone, and was about to call him, but there was jiggling at the door.

Gloria looked at me with a panicky face.

"I'm going to look out the window, and see if that's them." I walked over to the window to see if that was them, but I really couldn't tell. I looked at the car in the driveway, and I noticed it wasn't one of theirs.

"Gloria I don't think that's them c'mon." I signaling here to push the couch against the door to give us some time.

We ran upstairs, I looked around for my gun, and called Jason.

"Hello?" Jason said answering his phone.

"Jason I think some one is trying to break into the house!" I whispered/ yelled in a afraid voice.

"We almost there, grab your gun and locked yourself in my room, okay? You got this I taught you well," he told me.

"Don't hang up until you get here."

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