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I jumped out of my sleep, and looked at my surroundings, I was on the couch with Jason's arm wrapped around my waist. So it was all a dream I can't believe I had a dream of Jason slapping me, and cheating on me, with my ex best friend.

"Baby girl you okay?" Jason asked in a sleepy voice, rubbing his light brown eyes.

"Yea- yeah," I swallowed, because my mouth got dry," I had the weirdest dream, it was about you." I told him I caught Jason's attention, because he got up, and told me to continue.

"Well it kinda started out like this me waking up in your arms, we went into my room, and we both took showers, you left your phone on my bed, and went to take you shower, and you got a text from Becky-"

"Becky your ex best friend Becky?"

"Yeah, and it was talking about how she had a good night with you, she wanted you to come over stuff like that, I asked you if you had sex with her you said yeah."

"Well it was a dream because ew I couldn't have sex with Becky, that bitch probably got some type of disease," he said laughing.

"Hey that's mean, but the dream felt so real, Jason you even slapped me, that shit hurt." Jason face scrunched up.

"Don't worry about that happening, I could never hit a female," he said and grabbed my face and pecked my lips.

"Get in the shower, and get ready for school," to told me, and picked me up and took me too my room.

"I will you should get in to you smell like alcohol." I plugged my nose while saying that.

"I will, now get in so I can." He shoved me in the bathroom, and shut the door.

I got in and did my business, and got out. Jason got in after me, so I got dressed fast. I put on a white shirt that had a knot in the front, and jeans that were ripped on the knees.

Jason came out in a towel, his body glistening, I sat there in aw, his tattoos suited him so well.

"Tina!" I snapped out of my train of thought when he yelled.

"Stop staring, you're making me self conscious," he said covering his self up with his hands.

"Shut up, well I need to brush my hair, and teeth and I'll be ready," I walked into the bathroom to do what I said while Jason was getting dressed in my room.

While I was doing all that I couldn't stop thinking about the dream it just felt so real, I thought he really did all of that, I mean he did tell me not to hangout with Shawn, and not to go to college out of state, but he apologized last night while he was drunk.

Jason and I finished, and we left the house I picked up Carmen, and dropped Jason off where his car was.

Carmen got in the front seat when Jason got out. Jason walked around the  front of my car, and came to my tinted window, I rolled it down.

"I either come by later when you get out of school, or you come to my house." I just nodded my head.

"I'll see you later," he gave me a kiss goodbye and went his car, and I pulled off.

"So are you guys like a thing now?" Carmen asked.

"Yeah we started dating a couple days ago." I started smiling.

"You really like him don't you?"

"Yeah ha ha when we first met I didn't like him he was a jerk," I giggled a little at the thought.

"He seems like one."

"Yup well he was."


"Tina!" I jumped out of my seat at the mention of my name.

"What!" I knew it was Shawn,I turned around.

"Shh!" The librarian told us.


"Are you ready for tomorrow night?" I totally forgot about our plans.

"Yeah of course I am duhh." I said in a joking way, and playful hit his tan muscled arm.

"You forgot, didn't you?"

"What! No of course not-... Okay yeah I did, but I'm ready for it." I told him.

"Okay I'll see you then," he said and walked off.

We should have did something else I don't even like football, because I don't understand it.


"You were great out there Shawn," I was about to give him a hug but he was sweaty, and smelled.

"let me go home, and I'll stop by your house later on I smell," he pinched his purple and white jersey.

"Okay see you later." I walked out of the crowd of people and to my car. I was walking to car and notice a very familiar head of hair, two at that. I squinted my eyes to make my vision clearer. It was Jason and..... Becky!!

My body was full of anger, and I was ready to charge. I got in my car, and drove towards them it felt like my dream was coming true. I wanted to run them over with the car, but I'm not that cruel.

"Jason? What are you doing here?" his head snapped so fast at the sound of my voice.

"Um, I'll just talk to you later." Becky said and walked away, I rolled my eyes.

"Or don't," I yelled, she stopped, then continue to walk.

"Why the hell are you with Becky? HUH!" he walked to my car window.

"Tina lower your fucking voice, and she was giving me more money that she owed me." I glared at him, not knowing if I should believe him.

"I don't know if I can believe you Jason," I looked at him and huffed. My phone started ringing, I looked down at my cell phone the caller I.D. it was Shawn.

"Look I know your dream got you a little paranoid, but I'm not cheating on you Tina, okay?" I tried to hold my smile, and he leaned in and kissed my lips.

"So what are you about to do?" he asked crossing his and placing them on the car window with his chin on top.

"Um I'm about to go hangout with Shawn," when I said his name Jason tensed up and let out a heavy breath.

"Alright I'll talk to you later on, bye." he was about to leave but I stopped him.

"Hey no kiss goodbye? I want to have something to think about later on at night," I grinned and he smirked and came back.

"Oh I'll let you have something to think about later on alright."

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