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I looked down at my phone debating whether or not I should call him back, Carmen ran to the car with a smile on her.

"Oh my gawd!" She said with a huge grin on her face.

I put my phone in my cup holder, I'll just call him back later. "What?" I said smiling at her.

"John asked me out on a date, and I can't wait, I've had a crush on him since 8th grade year when we became friends, and I was wondering if you hook me up on my date."

"Of course darling," my phone started ringing, I grabbed it out of the cup holder, and looked at the caller I.D. It was Jason.

Why is he calling me?

I'm trying to figure out how I went from not liking him, to starting to liking him.

I answered his call at the third ring, trying to not make myself look desperate.

"Yes Jason?" I said in a annoyed tone, when I wasn't really annoyed,"Tina I need to come over asap," he said.

"Why..? Wha. What's the matter?" I was worried, because he sounded like he really needed help, but what could I do?

"Just hurry up." And he hung up the phone.

Well okay?

"I have to hurry up and take you home Carmen," I told her starting up the car.

"Well take me where my bed lies, because this child is tired." so was I Carmen.


After I dropped Carmen off I changed my outfit, and headed towards Jason house, I hope this better be good for him to just hang-up on my face, and not tell me why I'm coming over.

I pulled up in his driveway, and rushed to his door, I didn't even knock I had a feeling it was unlocked, and it was  when I opened the door.

"Damn Tina it took you long enough," he said laying down on the couch. I walked towards him, and he sat up the proper way, so he could make room for me.

"So I finally got a hold of your little friend, and brought her back to my house so we could have a little talk,"

"She told me why she stole my drugs, and how she stole them," he said I just want to know why he's telling me this?

"So why are you telling me this, it's news for you not me, and we could have talked about this on the phone." I told.

"Oh its news for you, and yeah we could have talked this own the phone, but I wanted to see your beautiful as face, and hear your sexy ass voice in person," he said to me, and I looked down blushing mad hard.

Jason lifted my face with his two fingers, and continue talking, " So your friend was involved in that little shooting I had at my party a couple weeks ago, they started shooting to distract me, so she could head up to my room, and that was who blasted you with that door that night."

I couldn't believe this shit, and the fact that I was actually feeling bad for Becky, and was going to call her today to see if she was doing better, but she keeps lying and not telling me, was pissing me off.

It's hard to lose a friend, but I'm done with Becky I can't deal with her shit, and she's in to much trouble for my liking, that's not her, but how should I know she's always lying to me this might be the true her.

But same goes to Jason he's in to much trouble for me, but I can't stay away from him even if I tried, it's just something about him that makes me feel safe I don't know?

"Well I lost a best friend," I chuckled and shook my head. " Jason um thanks for telling me this I really appreciate it," I leaned in and gave him a hug, he really didn't hug me back, so it was could of awkward when I pulled away.

"Well I should be headed off, and like I said thanks for the information," I told him getting up.

"Why do you have to leave, so early, when you could stay with me," he smirked, and pulled my arm, and grabbed the back of one of my legs, and I was now sitting on Jason's lap.

"Because, I..I," I couldn't even finish my sentence, I was to distracted by his eyes, and his face, and lips.

"God you are beautiful," he huffed out, his lips inching closer to mine.

"Fuck it," Jason grabbed my face and captured my lips with his, I melted when he kissed me, it felt like I've been waiting for this kiss to happen again, and I did want this kiss to happen again.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, Jason lips are so soft I couldn't get enough of them.

Jason slipped his tongue into my mouth, and I've never tongue kissed before, shit he was my first kiss, but he doesn't have to know that.

Someone walked in the door from what it sounded like, but we didn't pull away for some reason."Jason dude I whoa-" the person said, I pulled away from Jason, and turned around to see some dude with his hands over his eyes.

"Well that was great way to be welcomed back home Jason," the dude laughed. I looked at Jason he had his head down with his hand on his forehead rubbing it.

I got up off Jason's lap and grabbed my purse," um maybe I should head home." I told Jason taking out my car keys.

"Who's cars in the driveway," another dude walked in the, how many other people live here, that I didn't know about?

"Oh," the dude said and chuckled he had a suitcase in his hand, and a duffle bag in the other.

"Yeah maybe you should leave," Jason said in a annoyed/pissed off way. I got kind of hurt the way he said it, and the way he looked when he said it.

He is really bipolar.

"Um bye," I said my voice cracked a little, and a tear slipped down my eye, I didn't know why I was crying for? Why am I getting emotional over this? I'm never like this.

"Tina no please, don't-"

But before he could even finish I was already out the door.

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Love you guys, and thank you for reading my story even though it sucks lol.

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