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     "Jason?" I looked up at him, still cuddled up in his arms. I forgot to ask him about that box I found under the bed.
  "Umm u'know I'm not a nosy girlfriend, but yesterday when you were  gone." I paused.

  "Yeah, what is it?" He asked looking down me, and kissed my forehead.

  "I dropped my phone under the bed, and I found a box." Jason sat up and rubbed his forehead.

  "What about it?" He groaned.

"Who's is it?" I asked him, his body for tensed when I asked the question.

"None of your damn business Tina," he said angrily.

  I got out of the bed pissed, I don't have time for him yelling, and cussing me out. All he could of said was I don't feel comfortable telling you, but no he gets mad.

"Jason why are you mad about a damn box!" I yelled I got on the floor under the bed, and grabbed the box. Jason got of the bed fast.

"Tina give me the box!" He shouted stepping closer to me.

"No I'm not giving you this damn box, now I'm really curious about what is it that making you so angry." I was beyond mad now.

"Tina! Stop fucking playing with me, and give me the box," he stepped closer.

"No, if you step closer I will throw this damn box at you face, try me Jason."

"What's in this damn box that's making you mad, do you have your deepest darkest secret in here?" I asked him.

"I won't throw it unless you tell me what's in here." I told him, he looked at me and just sighed.

"Tina if I told what was in that box you wouldn't believe me, and the story that goes with that box." He told me.

"Try me." I gave him the box, I was really tempted to throw the bitch, but I'm not that childish.

We sat back on the bed, and he grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"Promise me you won't get mad at me?" He asked me.

"Can't make any promises," I told him slipping my hand out of his grip.

"Okay.. Um where do I begin," He said trying to laugh it off. I never see him lost with words so I knew it had to be serious.

"Okay you were in a coma," he said to me.

"Yeah how do you know that? Who told you that?" I asked him I didn't really want to tell Jason about the situation until I was comfortable, the situation was hard for me trying to remember everything there are things I still don't know.

"I will get there, but believe it or not we were in a relationship before you got into a coma." My eyes went wide, and tears started to roll down my cheeks.

"I don't believe you Jason," I told him looking down, " I don't lie to me like that Jason, I would know if we dated." I yelled.

"You wouldn't, Tina the things that's in the box are all things that we had before like picture gifts and more, but Josh didn't want you to see any of it, and gave it to me." Jason got up, and went to a dresser, and got the key from what I saw.

I couldn't believe what Jason was saying, we couldn't have been in a relationship I would have known, but how would he know I was in a coma? I was just so confused about everything at this point.

That meant everyone knew me, and everyone knew him and didn't say anything. I would be lying if I said I wasn't hurt by the people that were in my life. They knew everything and did not say one word. This makes me wonder if they were hiding anything else in my life.

Jason walked up next to me, and sat down on the bed I didn't look at him I kept my head straight with tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Baby girl?" Jason tried reach for my hand, but I snatched it away my heart kind of broke a little I wanted his comfort, but I was to upset right now. I was really hurt right now a lot of things were on my mind, nothing wasn't making sense to me.

"I know you are confused right now, but please... Please let me explain everything you don't have to believe, but it's the truth I promise you that." He sounded hurt, but so was I.

"Your brother didn't want to you have anything to do with me, he thought I was bad for you he thought I would get you killed, and thought you were too young for me." I looked him in his eyes, and I knew that he was telling the truth.

"Here open this box," he handed me the box, and I opened it up with the key. The first thing I saw when I opened the box was pictures. I looked at the pictures slowly and carefully. The first picture was of us sitting around a fire, and I was sitting on Jason lap smiling like I just won a million dollar.
I smiled at the picture and wiped my tears away. I looked through almost all the pictures, and smiled we looked so young, happy, and carefree like no one could tell us what to do.

The last picture was of Jason and I, and a lady. Jason was in the middle kissing my cheek we looked like we were in someone home. I study this picture hard she looked very familiar, then it hit me hard, and I cried a little while Jason rubbed my back.

"It's your mom I remember this picture, I'm starting remember your mom a little, she was always my go to, like when I was sad or something." I told him.

"This was always be my favorite picture," he told me grabbing it from my hands, and smiling down at it. I saw a tear slipped down his eye. I couldn't see him cry, because Jason was a strong person, and seeing him cry, would have me breakdown.

"It just hurts me to hide this picture, you know." He told me.

  "My two main questions are, and these ones are for you, if you loved me like you say you did why didn't you fight for me huh?" I asked him sadden by the fact I feel like he didn't want me.

"I was going through a lot I lost my mother, and my girlfriend, but I lost you in a different way, I was depressed your brother didn't want me in your life he blames me for you losing you memory when I had nothing to do with it." I just really wanted to talk to josh at the time also, why didn't want Jason in my life?

  "Oh baby girl I did try to fight for you, then I thought about what your brother told, and then I actually started to blame myself for you losing your memory." How could he blame himself if he wasn't there, and I was the one that did it I hit my head pretty hard.

"I started thinking to myself if I was there with her this wouldn't have happened, so I kind of stop trying to fight for you yeah I know that doesn't make sense for me to fighting for you, but I wanted you to have a better life without me your brother didn't like me, and I did feel like I was bringing you into trouble."

  I was listening to everything he was saying, and I was starting understand him on his part, he lost him mom, and I didn't remember who he was. My brother didn't like him for unknown reasons, which I will talk to him soon.

"Then you now how I got into this life, not much telling there, but that's when Becky comes in your best friend in the whole wide world I contacted her by-" Jason was cut off when the door was opened by Steve he had a panic look on his face.

"Guys it's Derek come quick," and with that he ran out the door, I saw a few tears roll down his cheek so I knew it was serious. I grabbed Jason's hand, and we ran out of his room, and into Derek room.

And what I saw in his room made my scream to the top of my lungs.

A/N: ATTENTION ATTENTION! I know people don't like reading A/N but feel like this one is kind of important. So this story is the only story I actually dedicate my time to, and I feel some of you are confused with the story, and I will tell you that I write this story as I go, this story was supposed to be so different from how I'm writing it now, but I will go back through it, and kind of changed little things so it can all for into place.

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