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I arrived at Jason's house, there were a couple cars in the driveway, but it was probably the people from the night Jason was acting like a bitch.

I get out of the car, and knock on the door, after a few seconds a cute guy with long blonde hair answered the door, he smiled at and stepped a side so I could get in.

"Jason!" He screamed.

"What Derek!" I heard Jason yell from upstairs, them yelling was kind of funny for some reason.

"There is a gorgeous girl downstairs for you, and I know she's here for you because it's exactly how you described her!" It was quiet for a second I just stood there next to Derek from what I heard Jason yell.

"You better hurry up, before I take her away from you Jason, she's a cute one I'll tell you that!" Then all of a sudden you hear a couple of thuds, and a bang, and a Jason running downstairs.

Jason looked mad, and walked towards me and glared at Derek, is he really mad?

"No you won't take her, she's mine, go get your own asshole." I grabbed his arm.

"Jason it's okay he's just kidding, don't get mad." He grabbed me by my arm and pulled me upstairs to his room, he sat me down on his bed, and laid next to me.

"Look Tina you don't know Derek, he was not kidding he wants you, because I have you, and plus you're gorgeous, and who doesn't want you? I mean look at you." He said moving his hands up and down.

"Trust me no one wants me and you don't have to worry about Derek I don't want him," I faked laughed, and looked down, but I'm being honest no one wants me, if they did they would have been on my line all the time, but nope doesn't work like that for me.

"Tina the day I about ran your car door over with mine, and when you cussed me out, I wanted you then, yeah I was acting like an asshole, but what guy doesn't?"

"Plenty," I laughed.

"Shut up," he smiled we were quiet for a while, then I broke the silence.

"Jason we have been seeing each other for a while, and I feel like I don't know you," I told him looking him dead in the eyes.

"Well same goes for me, I don't know anything about you either, so let's get to know each other," he said getting up off the bed, and going to a dresser drawer, and pulling out a grey shirt, them throwing it on.

"Come on let's go get something to eat," he said stretching his arm out towards me. I grabbed it and looked at him confused.

"I thought we were going to get to know each other."

"We are while we get something to eat, duhh."


"Jason I can't believe you did that, you were a bad kid," I laughed while eating a fry. Jason is the sweetest person ever, but he had moments where he would spaz, we got to know a lot about each other, he told me about his childhood, I told him mine.

I told my embarrassing moments in life, he said he really didn't have any, we talked about or parents, it was a touching moment, but we held the tears.

"Jason you ready to go?" I asked him pushing the plate in the middle, away from me.

"Yeah, you can go in the car while I pay," he told me so I got up and went car, while I was walking towards the car I noticed the same car that followed me a couple weeks ago.

I stopped and stared at it wondering if someone was in there, because the windows were all tinted,"what are you doing?" I jumped to the sound of Jason's booming voice.

"That car," I said pointing at it with a confused face. Jason looked at me crazy,"what about the car?" He asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

I turned to him, so I could look at him while I spoke," you remember the day I gave you a ride home from the store?" He nodded his head."And I thought you were following and I pointed at that car saying that it was yours?"

He looked at the car, and spoke,"and you said, that was my car when it wasn't," I nodded.

"Is there something going on that I don't know about?" He asked. I looked at him and shook my head not knowing what to say.

"Well I've been noticing this car lately, and when I say that I mean they have been following around." Jason facial expression was hard to explain, but there was some I'll beat yo ass type of face.

"Go in the car I'm about to see who this is," he told me walking towards the car.

"Jason stop you don't have to get back here!" I yelled I had a bad feeling in my stomach when he walked towards that car. He didn't listen to me and kept walking to the car.

He tapped on the window, the window rolled down I didn't see who the person was, because Jason was in the way, and plus it was dark outside.

"Jason?" He wasn't saying anything, the next thing I heard was Jason yelling.

" oh shit!" I heard him yell from a distance, then Jason was running towards me," get in the car Tina now!" I did exactly what he told me. Jason reached from under the seat and grabbed a gun, I started to panic.

"Jason what hell are you about to do with that gun?" I yelled I was started to shake real bad.

"It's either us or him, and it's not about to be us, get in the driver seat, and when I say go you go okay," he told me I barley could hear there was so much throbbing in my ear.

"Jason don't go, what if you get killed!"

Jason didn't listen to me he just ran off, and started firing the gun, I can't believe this I'm glad it's nighttime or I don't know what.

"Go go go!" Jason yelled, and jumped in the car.

I sped off and drove away.

After about five minutes,I pulled up Jason driveway, and parked the car, and got out of the car on my hands and knees.

Jason ran to my side,"Tina are you okay?" I wasn't okay because my vision got blurry.

"Jason I don't feel so good,"I said slowly and with that I blacked out.

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