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Jason pov

"Jason where the hell are you?" Derek shouted into the phone.

"I'm about to Handle some business," I told him.

"Remember we have a meeting at 3:30, so hurry your ass up before I-" I hung up the, he was really annoying me.

I put my phone in my jacket pocket and got out of my car. I ran up one of my customer's doorsteps and banged on the door. I kept banging on the door until I heard yelling.

The door swung open, " WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WAN-" he stopped mid-sentence when he saw it was me.

"Surprise," I said whilst smirking, and drew my arm back, and punched him in the face, and he instantly fell to the ground. I walked inside of his house and closed.

  "Oh if only you knew what you got yourself into," I said chuckling.


t i n a  p o v

"Has anyone seen Jason?" I asked the guys, but they all shook their heads.

  "I called him earlier, but he hung up on me," Derek told me, I sighed.

  "Where the hell could he-" The door opened, and Jason walked in.

"Where the hell were you Jason?" I asked mad as hell.

"None of your damn business!" He yelled walking passed me and went upstairs. I was about to go after him, but Derek held me back.

  "I wouldn't go after him if I were you." He told me, and sat me down on the couch.

"What the fuck is his deal? He has never talked to me like that." I said upset. I wanted to go upstairs and punch him in his face.

  "I don't think he took his medicine," Derek said.


"Yeah, Jason has really bad anger issues, I'm surprised you haven't seen him like this." I'm surprised I haven't either.

  I got off the couch and went upstairs. I walked to our room and opened the door to see Jason on the phone.

"What the hell is your problem?" I yelled.

"You have been gone for a few days, and don't even have the nerve to pick up the fucking phone Jason!" I was beyond pissed, and he had a look on his face that told me he didn't care.

"Ugh you're so stupid, who are you? Because I don't know this person standing in front of me." Tears threatened to fall down my face.

  Jason was being an asshole, and he was pissing me off.

"Why aren't you talking to me?" I asked, I finally was fed up with the silence, and walked over to him, and took his phone out of his hands, and tossed it.

Jason stoops up very quickly, and snatched my right arm, and pulled me towards him.

  "Don't you ever do that fucking shit or I'll-" I cut him off.

   "Or what? Are you going to hit me? Break up with me? Well if so do it, Jason, I dare you!" He looked at me with so much anger.

  "Tina please get away from me!" He pushed me away, and I fell on my butt.

"I'm in no fucking mood to argue with you, and I can't find my fucking medicine. You don't want to see me in this state trust me, so Tina if I were you I would leave me alone." The tears finally left my eyes, I got up and slapped him.

  "How dare you, Jason? All the shit we have been through you think I'm going to leave you alone because you are mad? Or you can't find your stupid medicine?" I yelled.

  "That Medicine isn't stupid it's that only that will help me stay calm," he said rubbing his forehead. Even though he's pissing me off, I couldn't help but feel bad for him.

  I walked over to him, and placed both of my hands on his face, and made him look at me. His eyes were red, and tears were coming out of his eyes. I got on my tiptoes, and put my lips next to his ears.

  "Jason I fucking love you so much, and I don't care if you are mad, and you ran out of meds, we are here for each other don't you ever push me away, or I'll swear I'll fight you." I looked back into his eyes, and kissed his lips, and pulled away from his body.

  I was about to head out the door when Jason stopped me.

  "Baby girl wait..." he picked me and led us to the bed.

  "Jason if you want to talk I'm here, and so is the little," I told him rubbing my belly, and he nodded his head.

"But since you're a little calm, where have you been the past two days?" I asked.

"I've been setting up the house," he told me rubbing his face.

"And you couldn't have answered your phone, and told me that? Baby, I was fucking worried, and I don't need to be. Just next time answer the damn phone." I said leaning down kissing his lips and getting up.

"Oh and my graduation is in two weeks, and in a few months I'm off to college," I told him.

"What do you mean off to college?" He said leaning up from the bed.

"Umm exactly what I said Jason, I need to go to college," I said walking out.

"We aren't arguing about this again!" I yelled. I needed to get to work, and I didn't have time to argue with him.

I heard foot stomps coming from the staircase. I grabbed my jacket and keys.

"Where the hell are you going?" He yelled, and I walked towards the door.

"None of your damn business," with that I walked out the house laughing.

I walked to my car and got in Jason came outside, and walked to the passenger window. I rolled the window down and rolled my eyes at him.

"What do you want Jason?" I asked.

"Where are you going?"

"You see how it feels not knowing where I'm about to be, but the difference is I woke up to you gone, and didn't hear from you for two days," I told him.

"But I'm going to work, and you're about to make me late." I started my car up.

"I thought you weren't working anymore?" He asked confused.

"Well Jason I need the money, now I'll see you later goodbye," I said rolling the window back up. I watched him walk away and jogged back into the house. I plugged the aux cord into my phone and drove away.

A/N: well long time no see, sorry I've been slow updating it's been a little hard, but I no longer have a job I quit, and you should be getting more chapters out of me.

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