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FORBIDDEN//J.M by JasonMyJustin
FORBIDDEN//J.Mby JasonMyJustin
Everyone stays away from him, except me, I don't have a choice.
The guy from the bar by bieberstoriez
The guy from the barby bieberstoriez
He's Justin Bieber by day; a successful businessman, and Jason McCann by night.
Empty Bargains ~Jason McCann~ by KitIsTheOne
Empty Bargains ~Jason McCann~by K
"I have nothing else to offer you," Markus barked through gritted teeth, his fists clenched hard at his sides. Jason shook his head, chuckling. "I only w...
The feelings by BiebersHotness
The feelingsby 🤪💜🐰
❗️The story is under a huge editing. I advice you to re-read the story if you already read it's first version because some things have changed❗️ "Ugh" - I quie...
Forbidden (Jason McCann X Reader) by KAD045
Forbidden (Jason McCann X Reader)by .
"Let me help you." "You can't help someone who's broken."
Jason McCann Dirty Interracial Imagines by Royalty_Loves
Jason McCann Dirty Interracial Ima...by BIEBER🔵 MCCANN🔴
I put my head flat-faced on the pillow because I can't keep my head up since the pleasure was so much, but only to be yank up by my hair which made me arch my back and y...
PornStar by KaosIsHere
PornStarby Trish Holloway
I know different can be scary, but let me protect you. I know in the eyes of other people I'm a "bad boy", but I'll always be a good One to you. I know peopl...
Her by Mybiebergrande
Herby Mybiebergrande
Tianna Marie was often noticed. She was so beautiful , Boys would kill to hold her in there arms. but they were to frightened. because of him. she belonged to him. she w...
BANGERZ (2014) by jasonmccannstan
BANGERZ (2014)by jason mccann stan
A Jason McCann fanfiction. *** "I want a bad boy to be good, but only for me. A boy like a hurricane unpredictable tumultuous vicious with the ferocious waves str...
In Love With The Inner Being {𝐽𝑎𝑠𝑜𝑛 𝑀𝑐𝐶𝑎𝑛𝑛} by JBCHANGES94
In Love With The Inner Being {𝐽𝑎...by 𝐉𝑎𝑠𝑜𝑛🤍
She was the only one who ever actually cared. I don't know why, but she did. She cured my numbness, my heart break, and my insecurities. She loved my inner being, not f...
My Stalker(Jason McCann) by belieber4ever_08
My Stalker(Jason McCann)by belieber4ever_08
My name is Kiara. I'm 15. I walk home from school everyday. I always have the feeling I'm being watched,but here recently it's gotten strange. It's gotten to the point w...
Teach ME by BiebersKitty
Teach MEby Olivia
"Teach me how to love you babygirl" Jason McCann must learn how to love his babygirl who was once so innocent, until Jason broke her heart and left her to walk...
INSANE by aalexandrahopee
INSANEby Alexandra Hope
"I miss them , let me see them , please ! I wanna see my family again Jason! You can't do this to me!" He stared down at me with anger in his eyes and said...
Insane (2nd Book) by AyyeMcCann
Insane (2nd Book)by AyyeMcCann
That's right. He's back. Their back. Back for more. After being denied by his first love to marry him and being hurt by his bestfriend, he's gone Insane. Ashlyn Reece...
Prince of Darkness• Jason McCann•  (#Wattys2015) by Natalinexo
Prince of Darkness• Jason McCann•...by Natalie
Nicola Walsh is a typical teenage girl In Canada. She's a good student, outgoing and well liked. This is shattered by a serious of nightmares- of a boy with red eyes (Ja...
The Pharaoah's Lover | J.B by TehPeaceMaker
The Pharaoah's Lover | J.Bby TehPeaceMaker
A Libyan girl finds A wounded man abandoned by a lake and decides to take him under her care, not knowing he's the King of Egypt.
All Around Me (The Nanny Rewrite) by flaweless_belieber
All Around Me (The Nanny Rewrite)by Ky
All seemed perfect until his wife decided to hire an extra set of hands around the house... With her around, the cracks become visible opening his eyes to the things he...
King | j.b by biebersmiracle
King | j.bby justin drew bieber
King Justin Bieber. He was a man, hated by everyone in the kingdom for his brutal and inhumane ways. The villagers despised his acts of violence and never truly understo...
HMU, Babyboy (Jastin) by NauticaaFckers
HMU, Babyboy (Jastin)by F.ckingnana
⚠️ ‼️ WARNING ⚠️‼️ dom!jason ❤️. fem!justin❤️ ---------- ‼️ daddyjase🤟🏻✨ - you got my money bitch?? femboyjuju🤴🏻🌸 - woah... that's mean ☹️ femboyjuju🤴🏻🌸 - and...
fuckgirl ↠ normani kordei ✔︎ by -DEFSOULS
fuckgirl ↠ normani kordei ✔︎by T.
Where a fuckgirl sends you nudes on Instagram highest rank » #3 in fuckgirl [ social media au ] started: [4/3/16] finished: [11/12/18]