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I woke up this morning a little bit happy, because today was the first day of school, and I was ready for anything that came my way. I got out of bed and went to my bathroom to freshen up for the morning and went back to my room to find me something to wear. It was still hot outside, so I grabbed my shorts that showed my pockets, and my white crop top and my cardigan.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and pull my hair into a high ponytail. I grabbed my bag with all my stuff in it along with my shoes, and walked downstairs.

"Good morning T," Josh greeted me, while pouring him some coffee," good morning Josh," I yawned saying his name, I bent over to put my black and white Converse on.

"You ready for your senior year, the first day, your last year?" Josh asked me all excited and I shock my head and giggled at him, his a hot mess.

"Actually I'm ready for this year, and the rest of the years to come." I answered with a smile.

"Josh why couldn't you greet me with some breakfast? I'm hungry," I said rubbing my belly, I don't even know why I even said that, I know he can't cook, but he doesn't know that I be nice to him when he cooks, because he actually thinks he's doing something.

"Aww I'm sorry sis, I didn't know, maybe tomorrow."

"No it's okay I'll pick up some, breakfast from McDonald's or something," I told him grabbing my keys.

"Well I should be heading out."

"Wait! Before you go you have to give that girl down the street a ride to school," I looked at him with my eyes wide.

"Josh are you freaking kidding me, again?" We went through this last year, Josh was flirting with the mom down the street and Josh told her I could give her daughter a ride to school, I wouldn't have a probably with it, but the little girl is weird as fuck.

She would just do weird shit all the time, and dressed weird, and I know she probably got picked at school, and I honestly felt bad for her, I tried to help her, but she didn't want me to so I stopped.

"I know but her mom is hot I couldn't help it," he shrugged his shoulders, I went towards the couch and picked up the pillow and threw it at his head, and ran out the door.

I get in my car, and drive to Carmen's house.


"So Carmen are you ready for school?" I asked her, stopping at the red light that was down the street from school, I looked at Carmen this is not the same girl I picked up last year, she looked different she wasn't in her weird phase, and had on normal clothes like me.

She was wearing a crop top and a pair of black skinnies, her hair was black, and wasn't colorful like it use to be. She looked really pretty, I mean she was always pretty, but she just didn't show it.

"No I feel like I'd get picked on still," she said hushed, I felt bad.

" I told you to tell me who was messing with you, but you didn't why?"

"I don't know I feel like you really wouldn't care, so I never told you," she said looking at me, I turned away, because the light turned green.

"Look Carmen," I said pulling up to the school, and parking in my parking spot," I know you got picked on a lot last year, because of the way you dressed, and looked, but this year you changed your style, and people are going to stop picking on you, and are going to try to be your friend and you might get some haters." She just looked at me nodding her head agreeing with me.

"And those aren't real friends their fake, and even the boys, so don't fall for that bullshit, hangout with the people that liked you before you changed you appearance, okay?" I told her.

"Okay thanks for the talk Tina, I really appreciate the talk," she said, and got of the car, walked inside of school.

"Hey Mrs. B how was your summer?" I asked my favorite teacher, and hugged her Mrs. B was a black women in her 30s she was the coolest teacher ever she was so laid back she taught English, I pulled up a chair next her desk.

"Wonderful my husband and I went on a trip, but came back to those excuse my language, but bad ass grandkids," I laughed at her, and this why I love her.

"Aww Mrs.B you are a hot mess," I said while playfully swatting her arm.

"What about you Miss Tina? How was your summer?" She asked me.

"It was a little crazy if you ask me, but I met a boy I didn't like him at first, but now I don't know I'm starting to like him," I told her shaking my him.

"Well sounds like you have your first crush," she smiled.

"Shush Mrs. B I'm pretty sure everybody in this class, and hallway heard you loud and clear." I said in a hushed tone.

"Girl quit it, go get in your seat class is about to start." I put the chair that I was sitting in back, and sat in the desk in the front, minutes later the bell rung.

"Alright guys settle down," Mrs. B said seating on her desk with her legs crossed, and her shoes kicked off.

"So I know this is your guys last year, and-" she stop and pointed at David.

"Now David you know this isn't breakfast time, go throw it away."

"Ight Mrs. B," David got up and was still eating while he was walking to the trash, everyone stared laughing, and Mrs. B continued.


"You ready Carmen?" I asked her while walking to the car, she talking to her guy friend.

"Almost," she said.

"I'll be in the car, okay?"

"Alright I'll be there in a sec," she said and smiled at me, that's the first time I've ever seen her happy, and smiled.

I got in the car and put my bag in the back, I pulled out my phone I had a miss call from Jason.

Wonder what he wanted?

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