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t i n a  p o v //

Work was killing my feet, and Jason was blowing my phone up non-stop. It felt like it has been forever since I've last been here, most of the people that worked here don't anymore, it felt odd seeing new faces. I was organizing stuff around the store when one of the managers called me over to them.

"Hey Monica, what is it that you need?" I asked her, I was hoping she was going to let me go on break because my feet were begging for one.

"So, you know we don't have many managers here, I was wondering if you wanted to move up, and become a manager?" I thought about it, and I thought about the baby, and school ending here soon. I wouldn't mind making the extra money.

"Yeah, I would love that when do I start training?" I asked Monica.

"Can you start on Thursday?"

"Yes, yes Thursday works for me cutie."

"Okay, you can go on break now." She told me, and I was happy on the inside when she said those words to me. I went into the back and grabbed my purse.

I was craving cheese fries, and a vanilla waffle cone, I walked over to the food court, and ordered what I wanted, and sat my happy ass down. Josh was calling me, and I picked the phone up.

"What can I help you out with brother? " I asked him.

"Tina please don't do that to me, I know I messed up I'm trying here." I laughed at him.

"Okay, Josh I get it now what do you want? You're wasting my break."

"This is very hard to ask you, but Becky is having a baby shower, and I'd love for you to come." I laughed even harder.

"Josh, you can't be serious? That bitch got enough friends to even have a baby shower?" I can't believe this right now.

"Tina you are my only sister, and I'm having my first baby, I can't do this without you. I know you and Becky don't get along, but this is your first nephew."

"Honestly, Josh, I'm happy for you, but the bitch tried to kill me so you understand why I wouldn't want to go, I will stop by and drop my gift off, and go on about my day, I don't like her, and when she has her baby, and I have mine I will kill that hoe. Bye Josh, love you." I hung up the phone and threw my trash away.

I had two more hours before my job ended, and my break was coming to an end sadly, I stopped by Gloria's job, and talked to her for a little bit, and headed back to my job.


Finally, work was over and I clocked out, I was ready for bed, and I heard it calling out to me. I was giving Gloria a ride home, and I waited in my car for her.

"Hey boo, sorry I took a while my boss is a fucking nag." She sighed I laughed at her.

"Okay, so tell me what Jason did." and I did.

"Is he serious? Don't you want to give him a taste of his own medicine?"

"Yes, but what should I do?" I asked her.

"Do what he did to you, don't go home, and don't answer the phone if he calls." I thought about it, and she was right, even though I sort of made amends with Jason I want to show him how it feels.

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