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I woke up to strong arms wrapped around my torso, I looked around my surrounds and I was on the couch, and Jason arms were wrapped around me. I tried to get up, but I didn't want him to wake up, I looked at the time on my phone it was 7:02 a.m. I had to wake up for school, so I shook Jason, so he could wake up.

"Baby," I whispered quietly in his ear he moved a little, so I started kissing all over his face, he stopped me by grabbing my face and smashing his lips onto mine, I smiled at him when his eyes were finally open and met mine.

"Good morning baby girl," he said in a morning voice, and it was sexy as hell, I smiled at him.

"Good morning babe," his face scrunched up.

"You have morning breath," I covered my mouth and laugh.

"You do too," I told him and got up off the couch, and went to my room, Jason got up and followed me.

"I'm about to get ready for school are you going to wait in here?" I asked him

"I need to get ready also," he said walking into my bathroom with me.

"You're not about to get in here with me, but you can wash your face, and brush your teeth in here, just wait until I say you can come in." He nodded his head, and walked out the bathroom, Jason has respect for my privacy, and I love that about him any other guy would be stubborn and would try to stay in.

I got undress and got into the shower, "Jason you can come in now!" I yelled I heard the door open."I'll just wait until you're done, because I need to get in the shower too."

"Okay hurry up and shut the door it's getting cold." He shut the door, and I did my business, and got out.

I walked out of my bathroom, and into my room with my towel on and Jason was sitting on my bed with his phone in his hand.

"You can get in now," I told him walking to my closet so I could find something to wear, I grabbed my white shirt, my blue jeans with ripped knees, and a flannel to wrap around my waist.

"There should a wash rag and towel under my sink," he nodded his head and went to the bathroom.

I laid my clothes out, grabbed my lotion and lotion myself, I through on my clothes, and sprayed myself, while I was doing that Jason's phone lit up I walked over to his phone to see who it was.

When I saw the message whom it was from I wanted to scream, cry, and punch the shit out of Jason, he got a text from Becky saying " Last night was fun, McCann you are a wild man, come to my place later on can't wait to see you again," with a smily face.

I placed his phone back where it was at, I went downstairs to get my phone, I was going to say something to Jason, But right now I wasn't going to say anything, that text can mean a lot of things, but why Becky? Was she at the club with him, and I didn't see her. I don't know but I will find out later on.

I went upstairs back into my room, Jason was fixing his hair, just looking at him I wanted to punch him.

"Can you take me to go get my car?" he asked me.

"Why don't you go ask Becky?" I wanted to say, but I just nodded my head.

"Come on I have to pick up Carmen," I said annoyed talking to him, is it wrong that I really wanted to punch him.

I grabbed my school bag, and my car keys and went downstairs, Jason was behind me, we got in the car, and I drove to Carmen's. When I picked Carmen up I just dropped her off at school, and took Jason to get his car.

"Are you okay? You've been quiet." Jason put his hand on my leg and I pushed it off.

"You know what? I'm not okay because I'll like to know why Becky was texting your phone, and what did you do with her last night?"

"Why were going through my phone?"

"I wasn't going through your phone I just saw it light up and- NEVER mind that, why was she texting your phone and why does she want to see you again? HUH?"

"I didn't have sex with her if that's what you think?" He told me.

"Then what did you guys do, I'll like to know that, it's funny how I can't talk to my friend Shawn but you can talk to Becky." I was yelling so loud I was just pissed at the fact that he has her number and they were seeing each other.

"So Jason don't sit here and lie to me did you have sex with her or not, because I have a feeling that you did and you're lying to me." He just sat there for a little while, he ran his hand through his hair, I didn't even need his answer, because I already knew what it was.

"You did, didn't you," I said quietly my voice cracked a little, I looked up at him, and he was staring at me a tear slipped down my eye.

"Yes but I-" I started yelling at him.

"Get out of my car!" I started hitting his chest screaming.

"TINA STOP!" I kept going, but stopped when I felt a sting on my cheek, I quickly put my hand to my cheek.

"Jason get the hell out of car now, and we are done!" I reached over to his door, and opened it so he could get out, he just smacked me I couldn't believe it never have a ever been hit, and by a guy.

"Look Tina I'm sorry I didn't mean to, I just I don't know."

"Jason I'm asking you nicely for you to get out of my car, if you don't I'll call the police." I said calmly still holding my cheek.

"I'm sorry baby girl," he said and got out of my car, I drove off fast, I was pissed, sad, and many more, and this is why I shouldn't have dated anyone, him first telling I can't talk to my friend, then I can't leave for college, cheated on me, and slapped me. We have barely been a together.

I didn't even go to school I just went back home, and cried Josh wasn't home, so I didn't have to be questioned.

Jason called multiple times, but I didn't answer it I didn't have anything to say to him.

I didn't want to listen to what he had to say either.

A/N: damn you Jason messing up already, why'd you do it? why?!?!?

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