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"Umm, how about Nicole?" I asked rubbing my belly. "Naw I'm not feeling that name, how about Tito?" I looked at Jason like he had lost him mind.

"I'd fucking kill you if you named my child that," I laughed. Violet started barking and started running in circles, knowing what she wanted I picked her up. "Hey baby girl you want to help mommy pick out a name for our baby girl?" She barked. "Hey do you have anything to do today?" I asked him.

"Yeah, the guys and I have to do some business, but nothing major why?" I shook my head. "I just wanted to go baby shower shopping it's getting close to that time and I have to make out invitations and stuff."

"Don't we have internet now?" He asked being smart and I muffed his head. "Duh, we have the internet, but I want to personally want to make out the invitations." I told him. "Okay, loser who wants to do that lame shit." I sighed getting aggravated with him.

"Jason if you don't want to take this seriously I can do it my damn self." I rolled my eyes and got up. "What are you doing?" He asked me. "Um getting up can I do that?" I was getting pissed, I grabbed my keys. "Now where are you going?" He asked me

"I'm picking up Gloria and seeing if she wants to go baby shower shopping since someone doesn't want to be seriously, oh and you're helping pay!" I yelled with my hand out. "Baby chill we are going to go together, and we are going to have fun baby girl. You have to lighten up I'm just joking with you, okay." He said holding my cheeks and looking me in my eye, I nodded my head and took a deep breath. "Okay, I'll try it's kind of hard when you are pregnant." He just said good and kissed me lips.

His phone started ringing, and he picked up. "Yo? Oh right now! I'm coming I'll be down." He grabbed his coat. "What's going on Jason?" I questioned. "Um shit happened today, we were set up for some shit from some people now have to figure out what. It'll be best if you go to Gloria's." I nodded my head and grabbed my coat also. We both said I love you's and went on to what we were about to do.

Arriving at Gloria's I walked in her house, she was laying on the couch. "What's up baby mama." She said walking up to me rubbing my belly. "Hey baby daddy, nothing just tired I'm ready to push this little girl out." I was ready to have this baby, Jason and I are almost done with the house. Which I'm so ready to move in, living with all guys isn't lovely.

"I'm going shopping later on for my baby shower you can tag along if you want to?" She nodded her nodded while licking her spoonful ice cream. "Any names for my god baby?" I shook my head. "Still struggling sadly." I really don't know what to name my baby girl. "How about Riley?" Gloria said.

That name was a winner for me, "yes, I love that!" Why didn't I think of that. "Thanks Gloria." I texted Jason and told him of the name. My phone dinged it was him saying he liked the name, I sent back a see you later and love you. "I'm going to Hobby Lobby to pick shit out for the baby, I'm thinking black and white for the theme, because I hate pink." I hated pink it reminded me of Pepto Bismol and made me want to vomit.

"Can we honestly just head there now, I want to get majority of it out the way," She got up and put her ice cream up and grabbed a jacket and we headed to my truck. It gets harder almost every other day to get in this truck being pregnant. I started the car and headed to Hobby Lobby, "Where are you having the baby shower?" Gloria asked looking at herself in the sun visor mirror.

"Most likely at our new house, it's almost done and has a wonderful back yard."

We pulled up at Hobby Lobby and got out the car, then went inside the store. Grabbing a cart I head in the direction I needed to go, looking at the stuff got me excited because they always have cute things. I grabbed the things that I needed and also grabbed a few things for our house. I pushed the cart towards the checkout, but got rudely got interrupted. "Hey Tina," I rolled my eyes.

"Hi Josh.. Becky," I swear I can't go no where.

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